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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

Wil, in the back of the Taraweasel 4x4, needs a backdrop of swelling violins for this sequence. He explains that he was raised in San Francisco. He even says his heart is there. Yes, Wil made some kind of a "heart in San Francisco" joke, I think, which is so vile I can't even tell you. He adds that Tara's dad was brought up there. Wow, this is getting spookily similar to Frank and Margarita's discussion in a very similar ice-traversing SUV last season about how great it was to be going back to New York. Watch out for the home court kiss of death, Wil!

We look in on the Teeth briefly, where Blake is getting his map out. Then it's back to Taraweasel, where she brings up the possibility that Fairbanks might be the better choice. "No," Wil says, "Anchorage." God -- I don't really care whether they go to Anchorage or Fairbanks, but it would be nice if they could manage to have a conversation about it that actually had something to do with the merits of the situation. In the Teeth car, Paige asks Blake whether he thinks Chris and Alex could have gone to Fairbanks instead. Blake says there's no way -- "You'd be crazy to go that way."

In the Boston 4x4, they're reevaluating their plan, even though they're now about halfway through it. Chris wants Alex to tell him that they did the right thing for sure, because Fairbanks was significantly closer. Alex looks at the map, and breaks the news to Chris that in fact, it looks like they were about halfway between Anchorage and Fairbanks. This sort of makes their plan look bad, because the supposed proximity of Fairbanks was the entire point. They drive by a sign saying that Fairbanks is still one hundred forty-eight miles away. They're not sure they did the right thing. "Man," Chris sighs. They agree that it was a "real tough call," and they're just going to have to hope for the best. Alex explains the strategy one more time, as if willing it to be true: "Anchorage is a bigger airport, but I think Fairbanks is a little close-ah." I have to say, even knowing how it turned out, I think this was a lame move. Given the realities of bunching, the likelihood that they were going to get to Fairbanks soon enough for a flight that would leave before whatever flight the other folks got out on? Seems very, very small. It seems enormously more likely that they'll screw themselves. But then, what do I know? I never win anything. Alex looks pensive and chews his finger.

Commercials. The key to your child's health? Processed cheese.

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