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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

And here we go. Wil dumps out the bag of tools. He immediately swings the hammer, giving a dramatic but very ineffectual whack at the globe. Tara tells him that he needs to put on the face mask and the goggles. He can't find the goggles, so Tara helps him. Then he can't find the face mask, so Tara helps him. She giggles at his ineptitude. "Shut up, man!" he yells, seeing absolutely no humor in this situation whatsoever. She isn't apologetic enough for him, so he tells her he's going to go sit on the bumper of the 4x4 until she shuts up. He actually is on his way over to sit down. Boy, he certainly is determined. [Eye roll.] "Do it, man!" Tara screams. (Why do I have a feeling they've had this conversation before?) After an adequate period of pouting, he finally goes to work, with goggles and face mask on. "Shut up!" he yells again, sort of at random. "What?" she says innocently. "You're like -- you're like --" He walks up and whacks the globe with his little hammer. Whack whack whacky-whack. Nothing doing, Weasel.

The Teeth approach. In the back of their 4x4, Blake says that he thinks Wil's attitude is hurting his team. Paige, no dummy, adds that she's not sure Tara's really any better. "I see her scream at him the same way he screams at her," Paiger intones, "and I don't really think that she's that much better than Wil." (Sizable subgroup of TARflies: "Wooo!")

Ice globes. Wil, of course, goes for the nastiest tool first, so he's trying the fire. When he lights the torch, he creates quite a big firehose-spewing-fire effect. He aims the fire at the globe. "Nice, nice!" Tara says. Of course, we don't really know how hot the fire really is, but it doesn't seem to be very effective on the globes. Of course, Wil doesn't stick with it or anything, so it's hard to say whether it would have worked once everything got nice and warm. Now Tara tells him to move the propane tank away from the fire he's spewing -- ooh, good point! He bends down to move stuff, and as he does so, he drags his plume of flames over toward his tools, and he winds up setting all his stuff on fire. No, really. The little tool bag is burning. Tara screams at him to turn it off. Cut. Now Wil is attacking the globe with the drill. He makes a nice long, very narrow hole. Which does nothing. Now he wails on it with the hammer some more. WHAP! WHAP! He insists he can't see with the face mask on, so he strips it off. (Which probably should be a penalty, but oh well.) Next thing you know, he's got it on again, so I think somebody stepped in and told him he needed to use the safety equipment. He keeps it up with the little hammer.

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