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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

Plane in the air. Plane landing in Seattle. As the Teeth walk through the terminal, Paige voices over that when they all got off the flight to Seattle, they went for their Alaska flights and discovered that the Adultery Ex-Alliance had a flight to Alaska ten minutes earlier than the one the Teeth had, so they're running a tiny bit behind.

At 7:20 PM, the Taraweasel/Boston plane leaves Seattle. At 7:30, the Teeth plane follows. Two Amazing Yellow Lines -- one just a bit behind the other -- make their way from Seattle to Anchorage on The Amazing World Map. The Adultery Ex-Alliance plane lands at 9:35, and they make their way through the airport, looking mighty tired. It's starting to be really obvious that these people are wrecked. Taraweasel grabs a cab (she's really quite polite, incidentally -- it's one of her nicer moments), and then Boston grabs one as well. Both cabbies seem to know right where to find Rust's. Alex asks his driver to try to stay away from the Taraweasel cab to avoid the inevitable following that's to come, but I think that's rather a tall order, considering that they're starting at the same place and going to the same place. Not a whole lot the cabbie can do.

Taraweasel is first to arrive at Rust's, with Boston right behind them.

The Teeth plane lands at 10:05, so it looks like their flight was delayed a little, because their lag has increased to half an hour. They run out of the airport and look for a cab.

Back at Rust's, Boston climbs into their plane, and Chris tells the pilot as quietly as he can to take them to Trapper Creek. Wil, on the other hand, just directs his pilot to follow Boston. "Follow that plane," he says. (Did he just instruct his pilot to take him to Trapper Creek, as the clue reportedly requires? I think you could argue that he didn't.) On the Boston plane, Chris says that he and Alex are hopeful that Wil and Tara don't know the destination -- they don't, of course, not that they're going to pay any kind of price for it. "It's kind of like a bad movie, where you say 'follow that cab,' except we were following the plane," Wil says helpfully. Thank you so much, Wil. I never would have made that tricky connection without you. When can I stop watching this man on television? Oh, yeah. In about an hour.

The Teeth pull up to Rust's. They hop in the plane and get on their way.

Boston's plane lands, and Chris explains that they have to find and follow some flags. Unlike what they've been doing for the last four weeks or so. Wil and Tara land just after Boston, having successfully hitched on to Boston's highly developed ability to perform complex tasks like not losing their clue. Phil explains that the teams now have to spend the night in an igloo, and then, in the morning, put on a pair of snowshoes and walk a little trail through the snow. This sounds so familiar, doesn't it? Will the flashlight batteries be dead, too? Furthermore, those lame white shoes that everybody ran around in for the last two episodes of last season are back. Uch. Yeah, yeah, I know -- they're functional. That's what everybody always tells me about the hats, too. Wil and Tara collect the clue that tells them this, and they share a little moment of happiness at being back on track with a clue in hand. Of course, they're only here because they made that suspect phone call and followed Boston, so their entire race has a big black mark on it as far as I'm concerned. If they'd played clean, they would have had to quit in Hawaii. Of course, if they played clean, they might have been eliminated a long time ago -- like in Bangkok, where they so very illegally took a taxi instead of a bus. Ah, what might have been.

Boston and Taraweasel converge on the igloos and then gather around a campfire. It's like Cub Scout camp, but not as intellectually developed. Chris and Alex stare into the fire, thinking about that million bucks. Wil and Tara, of course, start in as usual. "Now we have clues. We're not clue-less," Wil says, thinking he's funny. He's not, obviously. But you know that by now. "No," Tara says, stealing the line spoken on her behalf by all of the TARflies, "some of us are still clueless. But we have clues." Wil: "Who would that be, you?" He cackles at his own hilarity. Oh, yeah. That's some hilarity. Wil certainly is the Chuckles The Clown of this season. "Oh, God, you're such a jerk," Tara says, constantly shocked. "You're just such a jerk." Let me get this straight. She can come right out and call him clueless, and that's perfectly fine, but when he turns her comment around and says he thinks it applies more to her than to him, he's a jerk? That's some complicated behavioral judgment matrix she's got going. I think it must have a lot of footnotes.

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