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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

Aww, and here come the Teeth. Valiant effort, kids. (Blake told me they were behind by about four minutes.) Paige voices over that they loved the race, they got to do the whole race, and they're not disappointed. Blake interviews about how much he looooves Paige. Which is cute. And scary. Just kidding. They hug. And then they start making out. Just kidding again. (Hey, I didn't meet their mom for THAT long.)

Wil interviews about how he'll eventually get over coming in second. I try really, really hard not to enjoy it, because he's so sad. I hate gloating, so I try really hard not to do it. But, you know...heh. Cut to Tara, being hugged and loved by Boston. Wil talks about wishing he could "make one different decision" (I would suggest, "Day One: Do Not Act Like A Giant Prick"), and then he cries. Wil, I just...don't care. He goes on to say that he and Tara are done (oh, really?), and now he wishes her luck and so forth. In what is revealed to be the joint interview where he's saying this particular thing, she pats his arm. She goes on to say that she doesn't feel bad about anything she did, except maybe some of the names she called Wil (although I hear it was really all editing), and she's not disappointed with the way the race turned out. Yeah, very moving. ANYWAY.

Russell hugs Wil like Wil has an untreated case of head and body lice.

Alex and Chris interview about how incredibly difficult the race is. Alex, quite gracefully and quite accurately, chalks a lot of the win up to fate, pointing out that there was a lot of dumb luck involved. And there was. They talk about what a great team they were, but unfortunately, neither of them says "I did it with my best friend," so I feel a little deprived. Alex ruins my affection for the final moments of the race by actually returning to the theme of Amazingness. "That's the only word to describe it -- amazing," he says. Ugh. He talks about how frustrating it is, how up and down it is...and Chris, sitting right there in the "I Won The Big One At The Rambler's Roost" shirt, looks on with an air of satisfaction. He has nothing to say about amazingness. Thank you, Chris.

Group shot, pull back, and we are out of here.

So, did Tara dog it at the end? I will admit that just as the race ended, I leaned over to whoever it was that was near me at the time and said, with some shock, "She threw it! She threw it, didn't she?" Whoever it was shrugged, as I recall. But when I saw it again, it just didn't look like she could have. She was much too obnoxious to the cabbie. She was much too stressed out when they didn't get where they were going. And there was, of course, that inhaler. For all the crap I've given her this season -- and I think she deserved most of it -- I don't think she let Boston pass her on purpose. Now, having said that, I'll say this as well: she didn't fall back on purpose, but she also didn't have the burst of energy that I think teams can get at critical moments when they can feed off each other in a positive way. Had they been having more fun, had she trusted Wil more, had they had more of a joint sense of purpose, I certainly don't dismiss the possibility that she could have dug a little deeper down the stretch. Did she dog it consciously? No. Did the negativity that hangs around their necks like twenty-pound rocks affect her at the end? Probably.

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