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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

Boston asks directions from a guy in a truck, which seems to be one of their primary race strategies. Meanwhile, in the Taraweasel cab, she's berating him, which we know is one of her primary race strategies. "Was that really a smart move?" she snots. Well, actually...sort of. They fight some more. "You're stupid, though," she says to him. "I mean, I hate to say it, Wil, but why would you put us at a dead end?" First of all, she doesn't hate to say that he's stupid. She loves to say that he's stupid. She says it all the time. If she hated saying it, she would just not say it. Second, it wasn't THAT bad of a move. She was the one telling him constantly that there was no way they could win if it came down to a footrace, so he tried to find a way to separate the cabs. I mean, the fake-out thing was stupid, but I'm not sure it was all that wrong for him to try to do something.

In the Teeth cab, Blake is delivering a chin-up speech to a clearly distressed Paige. He tells her she "did unbelievable," and she smiles. They have a little hug and agree that it was a hell of a trip. Aw.

Boston catches up with Wil and Tara. Wil and Tara duck down, hoping Boston won't see them and know it's them. Too late. Boston knows it's them. I actually think both of these teams are disappointed, because they both thought they might have ditched each other successfully. Taraweasel's cab gets a bit ahead of Boston's as they approach the fort. She's thinking about how much of a lead she needs to avoid being passed by Boston. "You give me 200 yards, I can maybe do it, if it's not a long distance," she says. Both teams fly down the road toward the fort. The Teeth are on their way as well.

Taraweasel's cabbie assures them that Boston is almost half a mile behind. They spot the flag and get ready to run. They start running. Chicka-wacka-chicka-wacka music starts to play as they start running up a long road. (TARflies: "Noooooooo!") This time, Tara is lagging from the beginning. Boston jumps out of their cab, and now they're running too. Up on the road, Wil is now way, way ahead of Tara. She's yelling to him that she can't make it that far. Wil continues to run way ahead of her. (Danny: "Run, Weasel, run! Run, Weasel!") The camera is on Wil. Then it cuts back to a wide shot of her, substantially behind him. Then it sliiiiiiides back along the path to pick up Boston, dashing into the picture. (TARflies: "Wheeeeeeee!") Cut to Phil, up on the mat in his dashing long black jacket. Mmm, Phil.

Now, it's time for The Incredibly Fakey Other-Teams-Cheering shots. I don't know why, but a bunch of these shots of the other teams up at the mat look extraordinarily, hideously phony. It's impossible to explain whether the light looks wrong, or they're...making funny faces? I don't know. It just doesn't look genuine. But there are Deidre and Hillary, and Norm and Hope, and the Grannies. Hi, Grannies! Wil, running. Tara, lagging behind. Boston, gaining on them! (TARflies: "Wooooo!") Wil, way too far ahead. (Danny again: "Ruuuuun, Weasel!")

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