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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

The more interesting conversation is in the Boston cab, where two race strategies are being debated without their even really knowing it. Alex basically knows that they're going the wrong way, so he just wishes they hadn't followed Wil and Tara. Chris, on the other hand, believes that it doesn't really matter whether it's the right way or the wrong way -- what matters is that they stay with Wil and Tara, because they've got to get out of the cab sometime, and when they do, it'll be a footrace. I think there's a small hole in both of these teams' strategies, which is BLAKE AND PAIGE, but I suppose if they know how far behind those two fell, it might not be that big a deal. Still risky, though. Wil has his driver pull over. Alex and Chris are looking around to see whether this looks like it could be a circle at a fort. They're dubious from the beginning.

The real problem with Wil's plan is that he didn't think it through. He needed to make his ruse more complete, and if he had, it might have worked. They bungle it immediately, though, by failing to jump out of the cab. "We're going to get out like we're going," Tara says to the cabbie as Wil climbs out. "You need to back up and turn this bad boy around." They casually get out of the cab, and that's why Chris and Alex aren't fooled. "Get back on the bridge, get back on the bridge," Alex says. "Yeah, they're fakin' it up, man," Chris adds. So in a sense, this plan "worked," in that Boston stopped following Wil and Tara. But in the sense that Wil intended to fool Boston into thinking this was the fort, it didn't work. I think that, for one thing, Chris and Alex are thinking about the Teeth and realizing that they can't screw around with Wil all day.

Boston stops to ask directions to East Fort Baker, as Wil and Tara take off for the fort on foot. Huh? What seems to happen here is that from where they were, Boston gets directions and gets a cab to Fort Baker, whereas Wil and Tara start running up a big hill, because Wil thinks you can just run straight to the Fort. Wil quickly realizes that this is not the case. Tara yells that he's an idiot. Again. He screams for her to shut up. Again.

(I don't really remember when it was, but I slid my chair over to lawtalkin' guy at some point during the later stretches of the episode and said into his ear, "Are they going to win? Seriously, are they going to win? They are, aren't they? They're going to win." He was unable to make me any promises one way or the other. ["Across the room at around the same time, I began praying aloud that Bruckheimer just wanted us to think they were going to win, and that they therefore would not. Which worked out for me, but it was a dicey few minutes." -- Sars])

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