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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

In the Taraweasel cab, they note that they've actually wound up just ahead of Chris and Alex. Boston decides to stay on Taraweasel's tail all the way to Fort Baker. When Tara and Wil notice this, you'll note that Wil is the first to say, "We can't beat 'em in a footrace." Tara agrees. She tells the driver he's got to stake her and the Weasel to a bit of a lead going into the inevitable run at the end. Boston stays right on their tails.

Aww, the Teeth finally get a cab and hop in.

Again, Tara and Wil note that Boston is successfully staying right behind them. "We're never gonna beat 'em in a footrace," Tara says, repeating what Wil just said. So, of course, he yells at her. "Why are you giving up?" he demands. "Because I'm pissed at you, because you're constantly making bad decisions," she complains. "How can you blame me?" he asks, reasonably enough. "Why is it my decision?" She snaps back, "Because you know this city!" "But I don't know where the taxis are going to be at that fucking moment!" he yells. And Wil? Is exactly right on this one particular point. Blaming him for the cab fiasco a few minutes ago is utterly ridiculous. Tara takes a suck off an inhaler. Uh-oh.

In the Boston cab, a clearly exhausted Chris notes that they've already run several miles. In the Taraweasel cab, Wil is demanding that Tara "get some confidence." God, that is a really insidious and horrible piece of behavior. Look, you can EITHER tear her down, OR you can lecture her on her lack of self-esteem. You really can't do both. I mean, I don't want to go out on a limb here, but I'm thinking that the fact that you constantly call her stupid isn't doing wonders for her confidence, you know? Tara reiterates that Boston will beat them in a footrace. "I don't care," Wil says. "Run your ass off. Run your heart out. It means everything." Just a little pause here to, Wil. It doesn't mean everything. It means winning a game show and a pile of money. Take it from me -- it does not mean everything. When she doesn't respond the way he wants her to, Wil sits back in his seat and suggests that they quit. Oh, super. She says AGAIN that Boston is going to beat them in a footrace. "No, they won't," Wil says, trying for an air of confidence.

Teeth cab. Blake reassures Paige that there's no way the other teams can be more than ten minutes ahead. Eek. That's...kind of a lot at this point, isn't it? Sigh.

Wil notices that his driver has a slight lead on Boston, and tries to get enough of a lead to lose them. Doesn't work. Wil starts giving random directions to his driver, trying to shake Chris and Alex. He lays out his plan as follows: They're approaching a place where he's going to tell his driver to pull over. Then he and Tara will wait for Chris and Alex to jump out, and then they'll speed away. Wow. What an impressive plan, Boor-is and Not-tasha.

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