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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

Taxi Grabbing Sequence. Taraweasel stands in the street, screaming. Hearing Wil yell in desperation gives me much more of a sense of personal well-being than I really think it should. Boston stops and asks a cop where Fort Baker is, and he tells them it's across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here come the Teeth, just approaching the clue at the pier. "We can do it, Paige!" Blake yells. "We can do it!" Thanks, Tony Robbins. As he runs by a few spectators, Blake asks whether they're the first team to run by. "No, third," the guy tells him. Ow. That kinda hurt. They pull the clue, and go to try to get a taxi.

"We shoulda gone to Fisherman's Wharf," Wil bitches. "But we didn't!" Tara says, reasonably enough. "Come on!" "Tara, we're making a wrong decision!" Wil whines. She relents, and they go. You'll notice that she's way out ahead of him again. They approach a taxi and offer the people inside fifty bucks if they can have their cab. Now, see, you can imagine how money might come in handy. You throw around fifty bucks, and some people will say yes, and some will say no. If you had five hundred? You'd have that cab. Don't laugh at frugality -- it's going to win somebody this race one of these days. Anyway, this particular person apparently doesn't need fifty dollars, because they don't get the cab. Heh. Boston tries the same thing -- begging the patron of a passing cab to climb out. Of course, if the person inside doesn't see the cameras and doesn't get what's going on, they're really going to find all this a little scary. I wouldn't get out of the cab, either. Boston, completely out of breath, spots another one and runs over to it. Blake and Paige, meanwhile, are running up a hill, and he's telling her some more that she can do it. Yeah, she KNOWS. Boston successfully begs the older gentleman standing next to the cab they've just seen to give it up. Gasp! Progress!

Wil is inside a store, actually giving up and calling for a cab. Tara runs over to him just to tell him that Chris and Alex just got a cab. What's her point, exactly? What does this accomplish? It interrupts him, and it doesn't do anything to get a cab. So quit it. "They just got it, Wil, you're an IDIOT!" she screams. Yep. Very nice. Meanwhile, while she was bitching, he has actually gotten a cab, and at his bellow, she comes over and hops inside. "They're in one, too!" she complains. "You need to haul ass!" she yells at the driver. Don't you wish you could wait on these people in a restaurant someday? I know I do. She instructs the driver to run the red light. If I understand the rules correctly, I don't think she should really do that, but I suppose it's all water under the bridge now.

The Teeth find a friendly cabbie that tells them where Fort Baker is, but he can't drive them, because he's already occupied. Dang. It was at this point in the race that I realized that, weirdly...I was rooting for the Teeth. I was so, so weary of Boston and Taraweasel and their crap and their rule-stretching and their arrogance that I was sort of hearing a tiny voice in my head going, "Teeth! Teeth! Teeth!" Sigh.

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