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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

Meanwhile, Boston hops out at the Atkinson-Escher house and pulls the clue. It tells them to go to Municipal Pier. Now, several things to keep in mind. First of all, they have to leave their cabs and proceed on foot. Second, it's not clear that there's actually a single Municipal Pier -- the one they're looking for seems to be Pier 39, but I must admit that it all became rather hard to follow at this point. Chris and Alex run along a residential street. Blake and Paige are approaching the landmark, but -- crap! -- Taraweasel gets there at the same time. They all de-cab, but initially have trouble spotting the clue box. When they do, they all dash for it at once. They tear open the clues, and they're off.

Boston runs up to a pleasant man, and Alex asks him, "Sir? Where's Municipal Pier?" "Which one?" the man asks in response. "There's only one, isn't there?" asks a horrified Alex. "No, there's like fifty of them," says Nice Directions Guy. Eek! "Fifty of them?" Alex repeats in a tone filled with dread.

The Teeth are running down a street, calling out the same question. Everybody wants Municipal Pier. Wil, on the other hand, claims to know where it is. He and Tara make a left and keep running. She asks if he's sure. "Yeah, dude," he says. "Dude"? Shut UP, Wil. Back to Boston, running. Everyone, incidentally, has now abandoned their packs, so it's just a lot of running. Boston keeps running. Taraweasel, running. The Teeth, running. Of course, the Teeth can't just run. Blake has to motivational-speak his way through it. "Everything you've got! A million dollars!" Paige hasn't exactly shown herself to be a wimpy girl, so I certainly hope he's talking to himself. In which case I would ask him to talk inside his head and not out loud, because he's annoying me.

Boston, still running. "Municipal Pier, is it down he-ah?" Alex asks. The Teeth, running. Taraweasel, running. You'll note, incidentally, that Tara is already dragging significantly behind Wil here. However, when we cut briefly to the Teeth and then back to the Weasel, Tara is actually out ahead of him. They're on the pier now, and they reach the clue box first. (TARflies: "Booooooo!") The clue tells them to go to the bottom of Murray Circle at East Fort Baker, and then to follow the race flags to the (gasp!) finish line. They run off. Wil, He Who Knows Where Everything In San Francisco Is, asks some passing folks where Fort Baker is. Then, he decides he knows where it is after all. Boston approaches, just as Taraweasel grabs a cab to scoot. Again, Tara is out in front of Wil, and she looks absolutely packed with energy at this point. Wil, of course, shrieks at everyone not to tell the other people. Tell them what, moron? And how dare you shout orders to strangers!? Who IS this idiot?

Taraweasel discusses their desperate need for a taxi and their great difficulty in locating one just as Boston runs up to the clue box. Chris is really, really, really tired, and completely out of breath.

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