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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

Anyway. Wil and Tara, at the taxi stand. Wil has this pained expression that I could swear he's wearing just to fill my heart with joy. It works. "We were here, but the taxi guy decided to send the taxi on its way," Tara says. Too bad, so sad. "We just wasted about five or six minutes," she goes on to point out. They certainly lost by much, much less than that, so...would you care for a second helping of poetic justice? Let me warm a little up for you. We've got gobs and gobs of it.

They finally get a cab, and they take off, with Wil telling the driver that he'll give directions when they get there. You know, even in a place I've lived all my life, I wouldn't necessarily assume I know the way to a particular intersection better than a cab driver. I mean...the cab driver probably lives there too, doesn't he? Maybe not an Oakland airport cab driver, but still. Tara offers the driver money for his cell phone. Huh? What's to call ahead for? Don't they only know the Atkinson-Escher House thing? I'm confused.

Drunken cameramen careen around San Francisco. In the Teeth cab, Blake is giving the driver directions. Again, it makes no sense to me, but...I mean, especially because it's Blake, you know? I have such a fear that he will devise a tricky shortcut, and the next thing you know, it'll be, "Welcome to Denver! You are the only team to arrive." Behind the Teeth is Boston, as they whiz across the Bay Bridge. (As opposed to "whiz off the Bay Bridge," which would be different. But also funny.) In the Taraweasel cab, Tara tries to compliment the driver, but of course Wil is having none of it. "We've got to make some time up," he gripes. (TARflies: "Shut UP, Wil!") Blake gives his driver more directions. Alex, once again, tells Boston's driver to take them to Boardman and Jones. I have no idea what Boardman and Jones are -- maybe it's a pair of soul singers he likes. Weird tense music takes us back to the Taraweasel cab, where a crazed Wil is giving directions. Tara once again compliments the driver, because in this type of situation, she is slightly superior to Wil. Wil congratulates himself for all the time he just saved.

Cable cars run over the drunken cameramen. It does nothing to slow the careening.

The Teeth bicker very, very gently in their cab about where to go. For whatever reason, Blake has the cabbie pull over at the Cable Car Museum. The hell? When he gets back in the cab, he says that essentially they stopped and looked just because it looked like an important building, and they thought they'd just make sure there wasn't a flag there before they went all the way to the place where the flag actually is. Yeah, okay. Once again, Blake's logic escapes me, but isn't that always the way?

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