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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

Taxi Stand Hero scene. Wil and Tara bitch that the taxi stand guy is intentionally not getting them a taxi, because they acted so incredibly annoying before. "I'm not doing nothing on purpose," he says plainly. "We're in a race for a million dollars," Tara snots insufferably (in what we've been told by Team Jeebus is an unambiguous violation of a basic game rule). "I don't care," the taxi stand guy says. "I'm not gettin' it." HA! (TARflies: "Yaaaaaaaay, Taxi Stand Guy!") You know, I have waited and waited for some civilian to do this. Some of the teams are constantly, constantly playing the "I'm in a race" card, like everyone is going to fall over and kiss their toes just because they stand to win money. This guy is more like, "What have you done for me lately?" and they are forced to admit that the answer is, "Not a damn thing."

Very tense music ensues as Boston jumps into their cab. Alex tells the cabbie to go to "Boardman and Jones." That's Broadway, jackass. Is "Broadway" really that difficult to remember? Is "Boardman" easier? Alex makes my head hurt. In the cab, Chris strokes his chin pensively. Alex blathers about how everything matters, yak yak yak.

Wil and Tara are back at the taxi stand. Pssst -- c'mere. You know what? This is where they lost. No, really. They really did do better in the city than the rest of the teams. They were right on that count. I also think they were right that the taxi stand guy didn't exactly bust his ass to help them. And that means that if they had been polite and patient and gotten a cab at the beginning, they would have been out in front by the time the teams found the next clue. In short, these two just gave up a million bucks because they couldn't be polite for thirty seconds. Hope they enjoyed yelling at the cab stand guy, because they paid $500,000 apiece for the privilege. Man, this is a great show.

Commercials. Kirstie Alley says not to breathe. But it's probably just something she picked up in Scientology, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

It was somewhere around this point in the episode that I, at my table at the Manhattan Chili Company, heard a great screech of delight come up. It was our early pack of Racers -- Brennan, Kevin and Drew, Danny and Oswald, and (I think) Nancy and Emily. Therefore, much of the next ten minutes or so of this episode was basically lost to all of us, as the insane flood of people clustered at the top of the stairs and about four hundred pictures were snapped in a period of five minutes. More about all this in the upcoming TARcon recap,, even if you think you know how much fun they are, you really don't.

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