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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

The Teeth and Boston spot each other in the airport. Neither is happy -- especially Blake. "We're not happy to see them at all," he voices over plainly, and who can blame him? Same with Wil, who can only say, "Damn it, man." Who is happy to see Boston? Tara, of course. She and Alex hug and nuzzle against the wall. Feh. For the nine millionth time, we see The Wallflower Wil Boogie as he complains bitterly that because he and Tara are partners in the race, she shouldn't be rubbing up against other teams. Wil? I heard you. I heard you the other twenty or thirty thousand times you've made this point, and you've been full of it on each and every occasion. I get it. You don't enjoy watching her make out with this guy. I don't blame you. Stop torturing yourself; she's not going to stop it, so you might as well roll your eyes and read a magazine. And stop pretending it's a problem with strategizing when it's actually a problem with "strategizing," if you know what I mean. And I am absolutely certain that you do.

The Anchorage-Portland flight takes off. Man, I miss Portland. Especially the fact that you can't drive three blocks without running into an espresso bar. No, you really can't. Anyway, The Amazing Yellow Line on The Amazing World Map shows us the flights, and before you know it, they've changed planes and they're approaching Oakland. Blake voices over that he believes that "the race is in fate's hands." Alex does the San Francisco variation on the copyrighted Esquire New York Insecurity Mambo, talking about how screwed they are by the fact that Tara and Wil know San Francisco and they don't. Wil tries on some overconfidence, talking about how no one can beat him in San Francisco. You know, this episode really does echo last year's finale in an awfully large number of ways.

Flight lands in Oakland. Everybody runs through the airport. Run, everyone, run! When they get outside, they all start screaming for cabs. Wil, instead of waiting in the taxi line, tries to grab one that's just in the process of unloading and is, therefore, scheduled to be sent over to the regular taxi line. Wil refuses to walk over to where he's supposed to stand, so he keeps trying to get the guy to take him out of turn. The Teeth, meanwhile, obediently go to the taxi line and wait. Wil and Tara continue arguing over this one cab. I have a feeling that if they had just not made a big deal out of this one particular cab, they could have been in line by now and avoided this attitude-induced delay. Back in line, Blake and Paige get their taxi, and they're away from the airport first. (TARflies: "Yaaaaay!") Blake sends the guy in the direction of San Francisco, and says, "I'll tell you the streets when we get there." Hmm -- Blake is going to try to navigate. Interesting choice. Chris and Alex are set up to get a taxi next, while in their cab, the Teeth congratulate themselves on their calmness and courtesy. Okay, you're not as irritating as Wil, but seriously -- go floss yourselves.

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