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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

Night. Fairbanks Airport. Boston pulls in. Chris voices over that they were about the same distance from Fairbanks and Anchorage, but since Fairbanks was an international airport, they were hoping they might get a direct flight to Oakland. I guess the idea is that the international airport will have long flights, but it also seems undisputed that Anchorage is the bigger airport generally. Dumb move, guys. (I'm assuming they know that Fairbanks to Oakland wouldn't be an international flight. They know that, right?) They notice that practically nothing is happening anywhere in the vicinity as they walk into the airport. Inside, strangely, they walk past a stuffed and mounted white dog-wolf thing on their way to a ticket counter. I think the budget for airport security might be a little bit limited, so they rely heavily on scaring you into behaving yourself. Once there, Boston inquires about the fastest way to get to Oakland. They know of one flight, but they'd like the nice ticket lady to check for any others. She says it's pretty much just that one. "So no one else in Alaska can get to Oakland before we get there," Alex tries to clarify. The lady replies that he's right -- except for anybody who might leave from Anchorage. D'oh! She asks whether any of the people he's trying to outrace could be in Anchorage. "Possibly," Chris says unhappily. "Most likely."

Speaking of Anchorage, here comes Taraweasel toward the airport, with the Teeth right behind. Wow, Blake has busted out another killer outfit. Hat! Jacket! Khaki shorts! Blue tights! I haven't seen this very, very bad shorts/tights look since last season when Kevin pioneered it. You know, it was wrong then, and it's wrong now. Taraweasel runs up to the counter and occupies both of the ticket agents, so when Blake and Paige show up, Wil tells them to go stand in line. Fortunately, I think Blake is intelligent enough to notice that Wil and Tara are unlikely to get the very last two seats anywhere, so he can probably just listen in and let them do all the work. In fact, Taraweasel might have been better off to encourage Blake to do his work at the same time they did, rather than after them. At any rate, they're routed from Anchorage to Portland (aw! Hi, Portland!) and then Portland to Oakland, arriving in Oakland at 9:02 in the morning. The Teeth get on the same itinerary.

Boston, in the Fairbanks airport, is inches away from confirming a Fairbanks-Seattle-Oakland route when one of the agents double-checks and notices that they can get there faster. How? By getting on a plane to Anchorage, and then going Anchorage-Portland-Oakland. Heh. Sure was a lot of driving for nothing, eh, fellas? (I kid, because -- well, like they care what I think now.) Turns out that by flying back to Anchorage, they get to Oakland at least half an hour earlier. Boy, if the gate agent hadn't caught that, I have to think they would have been entirely hosed, so...I hope they sent her a tip or something.

They board their plane from Fairbanks to Anchorage. Back at the airport, Taraweasel checks their backpacks, planning to just abandon them on the plane once they get to San Francisco. Interesting plan. They certainly don't need them anymore, I suppose. Wil also has noted the absence of Chris and Alex, and expresses his happiness at the fact that it's now down to just him and Tara and Blake and Paige. He declares that he now has a "fifty percent chance of winning this cash." Right on cue, Boston's plane lands outside. (Such a good show. Such a very, very good show.) As they de-plane, Alex voices over that they expect to find all the other teams inside, waiting for the same flight to Portland that they're on. He also hypothesizes that the other teams are probably full of predictions about where he and Chris have disappeared to. "It's gonna be interesting to see what's goin' on right now," he muses.

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