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A traffic jam slows down Uchenna and Joyce, but Rob notes in his cab that he still doesn't see them up ahead, so he's not sure how far up there they are. Tyson comments, however, on all the congestion. Turnabout being fair play, however, Uchenna notes that there's a police checkpoint, and as it turns out, it nabs Rob and Amber. Uchenna and Joyce cackle in their car that "Rob is losing his mind right now." Cut to Rob, in their cab, not losing his mind. More like "sitting and waiting," but I suppose once you have a guy built up a certain way in your head, he is that guy to you. Rob notes that "nothing's going [their] way right now." Ron and Kelly, too, note in their cab that Rob and Amber just got stopped by the cops. Joyce giggles in their cab, "Gotta cooperate with the police!" Yep. She's all about just running her own race. No karma-tempting for Joyce! As Rob and Amber get on their way again, Rob notes that they were pulled over at a routine checkpoint, and the other teams got ahead of them. He hopes to catch up, "otherwise, that cop could've cost us a million bucks." Apparently, he hasn't heard the news that nothing in the final leg counts until the very last task.

Commercials. When I was on my knees, Russell Crowe made it easy for me to decide that the next thing to do was throw up.

When we return, the teams are all racing for the pit stop. Rob notes that only a "miracle" would keep them out of last place at this point. Up ahead, Ron and Kelly note that Uchenna and Joyce's back left tire is looking extremely low. "That would be very good if it popped," Kelly notes. Heh. Yeah, not a lot of love lost between any of these people, truthfully. Tyson now catches up with the other two teams, which may, I suppose, be because Uchenna and Joyce's driver has had to slow down and is taking the trailing Ron and Kelly with him if they can't pass. Not sure. Rob, too, points up at Uchenna and Joyce and their low tire. "We're hoping they go over a pothole and the thing pops," he comments. Hmm, almost exactly like Joyce celebrating his police checkpoint. A couple of peas in a pod, attitude-wise, those two, at the moment. Iiiiisn't that funny.

Just then, Uchenna and Joyce's tire goes flat. For some reason, they don't find this nearly as hilarious as they did Rob and Amber getting stopped by the police. In fact, Joyce is all, "No frickin' way." I understand that they're very nice people, but I do find the wiping of that self-satisfied grin off Joyce's face to be pretty funny. It's another sort of "live by that, die by that" situation -- like many Rob has put himself in over the course of the season.

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