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Uchenna and Joyce continue building their raft, and appear to be making up time. Kelly, for her part, is doing nothing, and she and Ron are starting to fight now. "The last time I built one of these was -- oh, never -- so relax," he says. Heh. Oh, Ron. Come over here and sit next to me, baby. Have some popcorn. Amber comments that Rob has been in construction for quite a while, and that they've built rafts on Survivor, so they're thinking it should go pretty well for them. The Mark Burnett Accounting Firm And Alligator Wrestling Company makes note of the fact that another of the contractually required mentions of Survivor has been fulfilled. Meanwhile, Kelly is noting that Uchenna and Joyce are well ahead of her and Ron. Ron suggests that Kelly could help more and bitch less, but Kelly isn't sure how she can do that. I think it's become one of those things where Kelly is so passive and unwilling to jump in that Ron isn't sure it would be any faster to sit there and explain everything to her, as opposed to juts doing it himself. Uchenna and Joyce are still cruising.

In a scene that tells you as much about unseen conversations as it does about anything you're actually watching, Rob says to Amber, "Right there, hold it right there." And then he sort of pauses and carefully says, "I don't mean to be like that, but I mean, we've got to finish this thing." That is a guy who's been asked not to be snappish when he's impatient, clearly. Amber, as usual, is completely wearing the actual argument pants in the relationship and wryly says, "I'll do whatever I can to make you happy." "That's my girl," Rob says. "And then," she says, "after the race, you can make me happy." And she looks up at him with this sort of coy, funny expression, and I'm telling you -- they may or may not last, but they really do like each other.

Kelly tries to help, but she complains about hurting her hand, and Ron gives her a "would you shush?" that isn't going to help matters any. Uchenna and Joyce are still cruising. "Gilligan should have been watching this," he comments. Amber notes that Uchenna and Joyce are at about the same point in the raft-building that they are, while Kelly and Ron seem to be "doing it in a different order." That's putting it kindly, I think. Kelly complains to Ron that everyone is ahead of them, and he can only wearily say that he's never built a raft like this before, so he's not sure what to tell her. "You figure out how to build one," he says, "you tell me." She answers either "smarty" or "smart-a," and I think it might be the second one, which...lame! I'm just waiting to hear her say, "H-E-double-hockey-sticks." Rob and Amber and Uchenna and Joyce both attach a piece (which Rob refers to as a "seat," which I'm not sure is right) to the top of their rafts. Ron has reached a bad point now, because not only is he criticizing Kelly, but now he's openly mocking her for being obsessed with watching everyone else, complete with high-pitched squeaky voice, all, "Oh my gosh, can you see what Rob and Amber's doin'?" That's not good, there, Ron. That will not help. "I can't stand that crap," he adds angrily. Rob and Amber, meanwhile, have their raft checked out, and it turns out that they have something attached to the raft that needs to be detached. Meanwhile, Ron and Kelly learn that their raft has a piece in the wrong place, while Uchenna and Joyce learn that theirs is perfect. They're told to cross the river on their raft to get their clue. Kelly tells Ron that the other teams are done, because apparently, she hasn't noticed how much this irritates him. Ron tells her to quit it. Rob and Amber learn that, with a few adjustments, their raft, too, is completed. They push it into the water, and Rob and Uchenna and Joyce push theirs. Ron and Kelly learn that their raft is now all right, but they can't move it. It appears that Kelly may have lashed it to something she wasn't supposed to, so now they have to rewire some of the pieces. Heh. It's like it's home ec, and she sewed the apron to the table. Kind of funny, really.

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