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In a sense, I'm pissed off that what should have been a really satisfying win by a team I liked tremendously got wrecked because it mutated into a morality play. It was just an incredibly ungenerous, pinched, unpleasant season, as if the Twin Hunt of S3 had gone all season and been six times as vicious and twelve times as ever-present and everyone involved had kept whining about it after they were eliminated. And just as I didn't blame Derek and Drew for the Twin Hunt, I'm not blaming Rob and Amber for being the targets of that shit, no matter what other unpleasant things can rightly be said about them, and about the casting of them. It's the rest of these people who ruined the season for me.

I hate the fact that this victory provided an ending for this bunch of sourpusses that seems to validate their bullshit. I'm not in favor of paying bus drivers not to open doors and things of that nature. I wasn't rooting for them particularly hard. But I would have loved -- loved -- seeing some of the rest of these self-important wanks like Lynn and Alex have to eat it. Seriously. Because I hate moralizing in reality television. I hate it. Hate it.

A season with a happy ending, but one that would have been a lot happier if considerable associated crap could have been avoided.

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