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Rob and Amber are still stopping people at the destination where they were directed, and nobody knows. Rob puts in a call to God also. (God: "I'm sorry; I'm busy in the Boardroom and at tribal council. Big week!") When Uchenna and Joyce's driver pulls up to the store, though, he recognizes it, and he shows them right where it is. They? Do nothing. In fact, they originally don't even think this is the place, until he explains to them that it is, because it's in Spanish. And then they go inside, and they get the clue to the finish line, which is in Fort Lauderdale. They get in their cab and head out.

Rob and Amber come back for their cab, and it has vanished. They continue looking for the place at the spot where they were told to go, which appears to be wrong. Rob eventually spots a king and a crown on a sign, so they run toward it, but nope -- that's the Tire King. (Hee.) They then find their cab again and hop back in.

Elsewhere, Uchenna and Joyce head for the finish. And now that they have already passed how much money they have, and after promising they could take care of the cabbie, Uchenna informs the driver that they in fact don't have the money to pay him. Boooo! Uchenna says they're going to make the money along the way. In other words, "Just go! We'll figure out how to pay you after you've already performed the services!" Again? Boooo!

Elsewhere, Rob miserably comments, "I knew everything was going way too smooth." Well, seriously. And then he prays to St. Anthony with the medal around his neck, so I can't root for them now, either.

Uchenna begs for money. At last, Rob and Amber find the cigar shop and head inside. They get the clue and go. You can basically tell in the car that they know it's probably over. It's written all over both of their faces, but I'd say it's Amber who really knows that they just got screwed.

Oh, and Ron and Kelly are arriving in Miami, but they are figuratively in Alaska with Guido.

Uchenna reminds us that they will win because they have faith in God. Such a turn-off. And what do you know? When they get to their destination, they cannot pay the driver who they have already promised to pay numerous times. "We'll take care of you" -- didn't deliver. "We'll make the money along the way" -- didn't deliver. Now, Uchenna wants the guy to take a ring in lieu of payment. Uh, not. Not only that, but the driver is visibly pissed off that they're trying to stiff him after he treated them so well. They hop out and start begging. Rob and Amber are approaching, or so they would have us believe. Ron and Kelly are on their way to Little Havana.

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