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Thanks a bunch

And on the way onto the flight, Joyce thanks Jesus. Feh.

Ron and Kelly finally get to the airport, and they do wind up with the 11:15 flight.

Hilarious faux-Miami Vice music plays as we are introduced to Miami, and then -- guess what? -- Rob and Amber are the first to get out of the airport. Go figure. In the cab, Uchenna and Joyce talk about their hope that Ron and Kelly didn't get any flights that they aren't aware of, so they're hoping it's just them and Rob and Amber.

At the San Juan airport, Ron and Kelly's flight -- which has been delayed until 11:40 -- leaves at last.

In Miami, Rob and Amber pull up to the causeway and the clue box. It tells them to go to Little Havana and find "the King of the Havanas." Phil claims that they'll search for a cigar shop called "The King of the Havanas," but he then says that the teams will have to "figure out" that the shop is known by its Spanish name. Of course, they've never done that on any other clue in the race, ever, so it would appear to be another attempt to introduce randomness, since it's not really something you can "figure out." Anyway, at the shop, they'll find their next clue.

Incidentally, there's no indication that they're told it's a cigar shop, either. Just "King of the Havanas." Luck and randomness, depending on who you run into and what they know.

Rob and Amber's driver says that he knows Calle Ocho, the street it's on, but he doesn't know what King of the Havanas is. Uchenna and Joyce talk more about "staying positive," blah blah, and now I want it all to be over just so I can stop hearing that. Meanwhile, Rob and Amber are dropped off at Calle Ocho, where they start asking people for the King of the Havanas.

Uchenna and Joyce pull their clue, and when they take it back to their driver, he hesitates to take them, because they don't have any money. Despite not having any money and not having any way of getting any money, they promise to pay him. Which is...kind of not that cool, to me. I would never promise "I'll take care of you" to a taxi driver without knowing where I was going to get the money. At any rate, Rob and Amber are asking people on Calle Ocho about the King of the Havanas. Nobody knows, until they get one guy who says it's on 27th and 8th. Meanwhile, Uchenna and Joyce's driver -- with no apparent help from them -- happens to ask somebody who happens to know that it's on 11th Street. Luck and randomness, you know? It comes up over and over again, don't get me wrong, including flat tires and a million other things. But to force the whole last double leg to come to this, and then to force this to be luck and randomness...that, I don't like.

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