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Commercials. Lean Pockets will never be anything but Lean Pockets, if you get my meaning. They just won't.

At the San Juan airport, we watch as Uchenna and Joyce watch the jetway actually pulled away from the plane they're trying to get on. And I will tell you that I have watched seven seasons of this show, and I have never, ever seen anybody get on a flight after the jetway was pulled back. Ever. But all of a sudden, they're calling the pilot to see if he'll come back. And of course he does, and all of a sudden, you've got a two-team race to the finish line rather than the landslide victory that was about twelve seconds from occurring.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, and I absolutely don't believe that anybody at the show ever favors one team over another -- I just don't believe it, and I've never heard a convincing argument for why they'd do it. But a convincing argument in favor of intervening to avoid a team winning by an hour? Yeah, that's very easy to come up with. Do I believe producers have the ability to fix this kind of thing? No. Do I believe they have the ability to pull strings with American Airlines? Probably not. Do I believe that it would have? Oh, my, yes. I don't think the show favors teams over other teams, but I do believe it favors two-team finishes over one-team finishes, which is why the insistent bunching appears over and over and over again throughout the final leg. There is no way they want a one-team finish where nobody's within an hour of the lead team, and I believe that all possible efforts would have been made to avoid it. We'll never know. But it's highly suspicious to me, and it certainly is the biggest and unlikeliest single stroke of luck of the entire race.

Again, Uchenna keeps referring to this as a "blessing," in accordance with the requirement that the good things that happen to them be attributable to what great people they are and how much God favors them, rather than the fact that American Airlines doesn't want to look like dicks on television and has a relationship with CBS. I mean, does this mean that God chose not to bless Frank and Margarita, because they didn't make the subway? Even though they had a little girl, God just decided there was no blessing for them? Or that God was like, "One-potato, two-potato...never mind, I choose Flo!" It's just goofy. At any rate, the jetway comes back down, and they get on the flight, and...fine. If you love a largely random ending, you're going to get one.

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