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The next morning arrives, and Rob and Amber join the other teams at the gate. When it opens, all three teams run in. All three teams open the clue, and it's a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, the person takes a jump off a 30-foot bridge. Then, it's a 90-yard swim to the next clue, and then into a boat. Amber takes the Roadblock, but she and Rob appear to get turned the wrong direction out of the gate. Ron and Uchenna take it for their respective teams. Because Rob and Amber are going the wrong direction, the first out onto the bridge is Ron. "Dang, that wind's blowin'," he comments, as is his tradition. Uchenna runs out just after. Rob finally figures out that he and Amber went the wrong way, and that she was supposed to head out onto the bridge. We then watch as Ron runs out and leaps right off the bridge. "Woo!" he says. He swims out and grabs the clue. "The first step is a doozy," Uchenna says. And then he jumps. "Woo!" he says. He swims. Meanwhile, Rob and Amber are still hunting for the right path, just as Ron gets in the boat and heads for shore. Uchenna does the same. Rob and Amber find a vantage point where they can see the bridge but not get to it, and they see that Ron and Uchenna are already done. "That could've cost us a million bucks," Rob comments. Speaking of things I have heard said plenty of times already and do not need to hear again.

Commercials. Get your Finger-Free Frosty, this weekend at Wendy's! I love how they're giving away Junior Frosties. Like, "Well, you can have a small one,'s not like it was a real finger."

Back at the Roadblock, Rob tells Amber to run down the stairs and out onto the platform. "Gimme a kiss," he says, and they smooch, and she runs out. "Do good," he adds. Heh.

Ron washes up on the beach with a clue, and he hands it to Kelly. She reads it. It instructs them to fly to the final city, which is Miami. First, they'll have to take a 90-mile drive to the airport, as Phil explains, and then it will be a 1000-mile flight to Miami. When they get there, they'll go nine miles by taxi to the Rickenbacker Causeway. Uchenna and Joyce pull the clue next. Amber heads out onto the platform and jumps. "Woo!" she says. She washes up on the beach as well, and they read the Miami clue. The swim seems to have really taken it out of her, because as they run toward their car, she's totally exhausted. "I can't run," she says, and given Amber's showing throughout this deal, I suspect she isn't making it up. I think he knows that, too, because although he gives her a couple of encouraging "you can do it"s, when she gives one more gasp of exhaustion, he immediately tells her to hop on his back. As I have stated previously, that kind of instinctively grosses me out, but at least she just exerted herself and is at the end of the race, rather than at the very beginning and apparently just goofy, like Amie was. Anyway, Amber hops up and he runs with her on his back toward the car. Despite his youth and childlessness, he's got a little of the man strength, Mariano. Construction work is huge for the development of man strength, I think -- certainly as distinguished from the gym strength. At any rate, in the car, they head for the airport. Despite having just carried her all the way to the car, he tells her, "Good job, way to work." She comments that the other teams really shouldn't be all that far ahead of them. And indeed, before you know it, Rob and Amber catch up with the other two teams. In fact, they ultimately pass them when they pick the best toll lane. Kelly bitches, of course, that Ron picked the worst one, and Ron shuts her down with a "Don't pick on me; I'll start pickin' on you." Heh. And then? "Dang." Coming out of the tollbooth, it is indeed Rob and Amber in first place. Ron and Kelly in second. Uchenna and Joyce bringing up the rear. Rob and Amber head for the airport, and they follow the signs.

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