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Uchenna and Joyce are complaining about how tired and hungry they are, and he talks on about how they're working off "pure desire," blah blah. Believe me, you'll hear it a bunch more times, so if you miss it, don't worry.

Back at the driving range, Kelly lands a ball on the green, so she and Ron are mercifully done. They open the San Juan clue and run inside to change; then, in the cab, Ron comments, "I just couldn't hit crap. I deserve a pickaxe right through the scalp." Kelly beams. No, she does. Wow, creepy!

Rob and Amber jump out of their cab at the airport and run inside. At the Air Jamaica counter, they are told that they are too late for the 9:15 flight. Rob begs, but is told they can't get on the flight "for security reasons." Eventually, just as Rob starts in with some "my mother" routine that I'm glad he didn't get a chance to finish (booo!), the lady hands them off to the ticket office. They run down, but the ticket office says the same thing. No, no, and no. There is begging, there is pleading, I think they're going to put this in a children's book called Rob Mariano Learns The Word "No."

Commercials. I do not need to watch Randy Quaid in an Elvis movie. Do not!

When we return, Rob and Amber are still cheesed about the flight they just missed, and they head over to American Airlines, where they learn that the 8:03 AM flight has been delayed to 9:54 AM. They are very happy about that development, and they high-five. Then they hug. Then he kisses her on the forehead, which...I love, personally. They get their boarding passes. Rob anticipates that Ron and Kelly will be here shortly. And it's absolutely true, because here they are. They ask about the delayed flight, and learn that they will have to run for it. Kelly promises that they can. "No, you won't make it, trust me," the guy calmly and dismissively tells them. Elsewhere, Rob and Amber run for the plane. They get on and settle into their seats. Their flight takes off with only the two of them aboard. Ron and Kelly are on a flight at 12:42 to San Juan, and they're fairly sure that Rob and Amber made the flight they just missed. They thank the ticket agent and head out.

Uchenna and Joyce finish the onion-chopping and head out. They read the Rose Hall clue, and their driver agrees to take them -- presumably without any money changing hands. In the car, Joyce says again that they're not giving up.

In Puerto Rico, Rob and Amber get off the plane and hop into a black SUV. Amber navigates and finds El Moro on the map. They agree that they're on their way to the right place.

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