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Once again we're in Moscow, and in the two weeks we've been here, Phil has managed to scrape up the following interesting fact to recite over shots of the city's distinctive architecture: "Moscow is Russia's capital." Well, that was certainly worth waiting for. But fortunately he adds that it also has "a population of over ten million people, and more billionaires than any other city on earth." Okay, that I didn't know. How high is rent in Moscow, anyway?

"And on the outskirts of the city, Sokolniky Park, the start of the ninth leg in a race around the world." Phil tells us this last bit while standing in front of a couple snuggling on a park bench with their backs to him, as though looking at Phil wouldn't improve anybody's romantic mood. "Jaymes & James won the last leg of the race," Phil says, which still sounds weird, "and will depart first, at 7:32 PM." Their clue contains -- nay, consists of -- a red, white, and blue tricolor flag with horizontal stripes, which Phil says they'll need to use to "figure out that their next destination is the capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam." Kind of surprising that they're getting an actual clue as a clue rather than the usual flat-out direction. After landing, they'll take a train to the Central Train Station to find the next clue box, which is standing on the broad cobblestone plaza outside the large building.

Jaymes & James head off to go find a computer. "I don't know where we're going, but we're coming!" Jaymes says. In a somber interview, James explains that people back home are relying on them. Fortunately, they seem to have somehow gotten their hands on an iPad at a hotel's front desk, which is telling them they're going to Holland. The interview continues as Jaymes reminds us that his dad is both battling cancer and working 50-60 hours a week, and he wants to be able to tell his dad not to worry about the latter. That does seem like one job too many. I'm sure Jaymes would rather be able to tell his dad not to worry about the former, but even a half-million dollars can only do so much.

Trey & Lexi are starting their leg at 7:49 PM, not all that far behind. Trey interviews that they've enjoyed hanging out with the Chippendales the past couple of legs. "Same with Natalie and Nadiya." They go right to a cab, and as they're climbing in, Trey asks the hotel bellman, "What country is this?" Examining the flag, the guy tells them it's France, which I'm writing off as an understandable mistake because I made a similar one. Actually I first thought it was the new Russian flag, which is white, blue and red rather than red, white and blue, but going to the Russian capital from Moscow would be a damn short flight. "Oh, my God, we're going to Paris, holy cow!" Lexi says excitedly. Let's hope they figure it out before they get their tickets. And of course I actually mean the opposite of that, because I want to see what happens. But then they get to the airport, and soon encounter the Chippendales in the concourse. "Where do y'all think we're going?" Jaymes asks them. "Paris!" Lexi chirps, and seems a little disappointed to learn they're going to the Netherlands instead. "Thank God y'all saw us," Jaymes says. Except I feel the opposite.

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