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Extra-long, end-of-season previouslies, reintroducing us to the final four teams. Which I never get, because nobody who doesn't know what's happened already is going to care what happens in tonight's two-hour finale. There may even be those who do know but don't care.

Phil's onscreen this evening to welcome us back to the giant circular castle that overlooks Palma, the capital city of the Spanish island of Mallorca. He's even got his Twitter handle up there under his face; it's @PhilKeoghan, oddly enough. So here we are at the start of the eleventh leg. Trey & Lexi won the previous leg, their third, so they get to leave first, at 9:32 AM. Believe it or not, it's a sunny morning in Mallorca. As they open and read their clue, Phil explains that they'll have to fly back to Barcelona, Spain, then take a train to France's Loire Valley. I guess they couldn't travel the whole way back by rail from the island, which is kind of a shame. Their next clue will be waiting for them in France, stuck under the windshield wiper of "an all-new Ford Escape," of which there is a small fleet parked telegenically outside the train station. Trey reminds us that they have an "alliance" with Jaymes & James and Natalie & Nadiya (in other words, two of the other three remaining teams), but this is for a million dollars. "So we're gonna do whatever it takes to get to that final three." At some later point, I assume he means. For now, they get into a taxi minivan and head to the airport. And Lexi seems somewhat pleased to be finally going to France, even if it's two legs later than she thought, and not Paris, and she's actually pretty exhausted by now.

Jaymes & James begin their leg at 9:46 AM, and are happy to learn they're getting $525 for this leg of the race. Well, international train tickets aren't cheap. Or maybe they are, I actually have no idea. In their pre-leg interview, they talk about how they struggled a bit early on, but Jaymes reminds us of his powerful motivation to win the money, viz., his father who's both fighting cancer and working more than full time. And let's not continue to forget James; he wants to be able to take care of his mom, who has spent her life caring for special needs kids. So you're either rooting for the Chippendales or you're rooting for childhood illness and cancer. I don't know how you can live with yourself.

Even though we all remember how last week's episode ended, it's still a bit jarring to see Josh & Brent starting a leg this early in the episode, namely in third place at 10:27 AM. They're glad to be headed to France, not least because Josh speaks French. In their pre-leg interview, Josh admits that making it to the final three would blow their minds as much as everybody else's. Well, except Brent's, maybe. He seems to be under an illusion Josh doesn't share, namely that they have a chance in hell of winning this thing.

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