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Hurrying to disembark the Flyer, Dan notices the "Fast Forward Taken" card now in front of the instructions sign. "Taken by who? OHH!" Jordan jokes in the elevator. They jump in a water taxi, happy with how things are going. Hard not to be. You don't often see teams fighting after successfully completing a Fast Forward.

Jet and Cord get their teacher's approval and head over to the stage, uncertain they can pull this off. Brent is satisfied that he has it, and they resolve to try it right after the Cowboys. Jet and Cord have to squat down over shorter drums up on the stage. "These are different than what I'm used to playing," Jet says, as though he's got years of being in a drumline program rather than experience that stretches all the way back to when they arrived at the park. They start, but Cord loses the beat. That means Brent and Caite can take a turn. Carol is getting closer to getting it, and keeps reminding Brandy, "You said stay here. We're screwed." Not sure how that's helping. They stop to watch as Caite and Brent do their drum routine correctly, or at least correctly enough to earn a clue, which as we've seen in past musical and dance challenges, is not necessarily the same thing. Both other teams look disgusted from below. Brent and Caite read from their clue, "Time to fill in the blank." Oh, they're having lunch? No, Phil says they'll need to find a park at the intersection of Penang Road and Orchard Road to find their next clue. Caite is fairly vibrating with excitement at the possibility that she might be able to U-Turn The Lesbians. "That's all I care about!" She really does work that moral high ground, doesn't she?

Dan and Jordan's water taxi arrives at a dock outside Marina Barrage, and they start running up the big grass spiral that's like an outdoor Guggenheim. Jordan keeps telling Dan to slow down and wait for him. "Don't show me up! It's a team!" He could have run this race with anyone else, and I'm sure some of them would have run slower. They arrive at the mat, and an attractive local greeter welcomes them to Singapore. After they thank her, Phil tells them they're team number one, and their prize? A "motorbike" for each of them. "And you can use that after the race," he adds. Yeah, seems like using them during the race would give them kind of an unfair advantage. "There is no chance either of us will ever even step on that for a second," Dan says. Phil asks if they're kidding. "Our mother would kill us," Jordan says. Phil gives them a look like, aren't you guys voting adults? and Jordan remembers to say, "We love it, we love it, it's good." So at least their mom also raised them to act grateful even for gifts they can't use.

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