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Brent is getting frustrated with the drum lesson, but Caite tells him to focus. He's ready to take another run at it. Jet and Cord are also struggling, but not communicating well with each other. It's like those two teams have switched bodies. For a dose of normality, Carol is also getting frustrated, and is starting to agitate to switch tasks. Brandy points out there are still two other teams there. "I don't think I'm gonna get it," Carol insists. Not with that attitude, she isn't.

Dan, looking even frattier than usual with the bill of his baseball cap sticking out under the back of his safety helmet, watches Jordan reach the second car at the far end of the horizontal ladder. "That was and will forever be the scariest thing I have ever done in my life," Jordan tells us once he's safely inside. "I'm just surprised I didn't pee myself." At least it's windy enough that nobody would have noticed, at least until a small yellow cloud became visible over the harbor. Dan follows more quickly, and Jordan gushes about how amazing he is. "I could have run this race with anybody else; it could have never been the experience that I'm having with my brother." Dan drops into the second capsule, they hug, and take the one clue out of the clue box that's in there with them.

Phil says that Dan and Jordan now get to skip everything else and go straight to this leg's Pit Stop, Marina Barrage. As always, we don't find out anything about the Pit Stop at Fast Forward time other than what it looks like, which is a giant, spiral-shaped expanse of concrete and grass. In fact, Jordan can see it from their capsule as they descend. "Phil, we'll be right there," Jordan mock-calls, as though Phil can hear him. Which, given how much Phil always seems to know about the leg's goings-on when the teams arrive at the mat, he just might.

Louie and Michael arrive at the sidewalk supply depot for the ice cream task and load up, Michael hurrying Louie along as usual and already calling out sales pitches to passersby, like he's going to get them to follow him to their cart and wait around while he and Louie get set up. They soon find the pedestrian mall and an ice cream cart. They start setting up the umbrellas and other supplies, Michael hollering like a carnival barker. "You're the maker and I'm the yeller," he tells Louie, as if any other division of labor would make sense; Louie's lungs would give out about halfway into his sales pitch. Louie starts cutting the contents of small ice cream boxes into thirds, which results in a brick about the size of a half-pound of butter. Michael yells they're a dollar each (a Singapore dollar being worth about 72 cents U.S. at present), which is a pretty good deal for the amount of ice cream they're getting, even taking into account the amount that's certain to melt down customers' forearms in this tropical climate. After their first sale of two, Louie joins in the barking: "Ice cream from some crazy Americans!" Truth in advertising.

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