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Dan and Jordan, contrary to what Louie and Michael might want to believe, arrive at the Singapore Flyer, and are ushered into one of the "capsules." Which, as it turns out, is a metal-and-glass cylinder attached to the wheel's outer circumference and is about half the size of a train car. The Aussie-accented guide waiting inside invites them to step into harnesses. Jordan's like, harnesses? and asks what they're supposed to be doing. I'd make a dirty joke here, but it just wouldn't go with the innocent world of rainbows and haloes and bovines named "Box" that Jordan seems to live in. "Climbing from one car to another," the guide says matter-of-factly. Jordan is a little freaked out. Even here on the ground, the next car over looks like it's kind of a long way off.

The Detectives are still en route and hoping the for the best as the ride goes into motion with the brothers on it. Jordan says he thought they were just going for a ride, which is not something I'd expect from an Amazing Race fan and student like himself. Jordan says it'll be fine. Once they're at the top, 541 feet in the air, Jordan wonders half-jokingly, "Can the cars get a little closer?" They do look even farther apart up here. Jordan tells Dan, "So maybe now is a good time to tell you that I've just discovered I have an intense fear of heights." Well, what better time?

Louie and Michael arrive at the lobby level of the Flyer (notice the little Christmas tree off to one side) and ask the guide at the front desk, "Are the boys already here?" "Once you're up there, you will know," is the only response she gives, which makes Michael get his whine on. High above them, Jordan paces the car, while the Detectives have a suspenseful elevator ride to the boarding level. When they emerge, there's a red card in front of the instructions sign: "Fast Forward in progress." Obviously they're pretty frustrated, even though they should have seen this coming. And when Louie and Michael return to their cab waiting outside, there's no driver in it. Looks like he's off on a bathroom break, Which is ironic, because now it's the detectives who look ready to shit their pants.

The driver comes running back after the ads. As they climb back into the cab, Louie says, "We're just gonna bang the ice cream out." Funny, isn't that what the driver was just off doing? "Cabdriver looks like he wants a lot of ice cream sandwiches, huh?" Michael hints hopefully.

Dan and Jordan have reached the top of the Flyer, and Jordan is more scared than ever. Dan hugs him and reassures, "Hey, if you fall and die, I love you." Jordan climbs the ladder to a rooftop escape hatch, and then has to descend another ladder hanging from the side of the capsule so he can get down to the rim of the wheel. Pretty windy up here, obviously. He gets down on his hands and knees at this end of the horizontal ladder, reminding himself, "A million dollars, a million dollars." As afraid as he's acting, he looks like he's making decent time.

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