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Without benefit of an Amazing Red Line, Phil tells us they're all on their way to Kuala Lumpur, and thence by train to Singapore. A shot of the Petronas Towers announces the Cowboys' arrival in the Malaysian capital, and they learn at the ticket counter that the next train leaves at 9:30 PM. And we know what that means as well as the Cowboys do: one full bunch, courtesy of Malaysian Railways. Jet and Cord find their berths on a sleeper car. The other teams board in what, in TV time, appears to be one second later. "It doesn't smell very good," Carol says through a plugged nose on the platform. The teams react differently to the surroundings, with Dan and Jordan brandishing disinfectant wipes. "Dude, can I have one?" Brent asks from off-camera. Michael, however, is happy to be on his first sleeping train. "What happens if you fart?" Louie wonders. Which I'm sure Michael is thrilled to hear from the bunk right below him.

The Amazing Red Line belatedly shows up to trace the route from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. As the train approaches the station, there's dramatic, Dragnet-like music as Carol and Brandy make their way up the aisle, hoping to cut through to another car or something to have a better position when it's time to exit. Which would probably not go over well no matter who was doing it, but since it's Brandy and Carol, it just serves to the Detectives and the Miss Team USA as another example of... well, whatever it is that supposedly makes them so horrible. Michael claims that they're being "bullied," which is a little strong coming from a gigantic police detective who feels threatened by a couple of women trying to scootch past him. "Wrong crew to bully," Michael tough-talks. Brent adds. "Ladies get their way, bitches don't." Well, that's gentlemanly of him.

The train pulls up at Tanjong Pagar Station, and it's a wild scrum out of the station. Caite takes a tumble on the steps and goes down, but seems unhurt. Louie and Michael get a cab first, and tell us so. The other teams seem to be having more trouble, but Carol and Brandy get their taxi next. Dan and Jordan cab up in third, and Dan says, "It's my kind of city. Super clean." Yes, I believe we have the canings to thank for that. Brent and Caite catch a cab in fourth, and he makes sure she's all right, each of them blaming themselves. "I cut you off," he says. "I'm so clumsy," she says. What happened to the bickering blamers? Again, Jet and Cord get their cab in last place. Which, for them, is probably becoming a sign of good luck.

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