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Brent and Caite are leaving in fourth place, at 10:50. Caite is of course most excited about the U-Turn that the clue promises for this leg, saying she hopes someone will get there before Carol and Brandy and, again using her charming turn of phrase, "U-Turn the _____ out of them." But since Carol and Brandy are alone on the second bus to Kuala Lumpur at 11:00, it looks like it's going to take some doing. It'll call for focus, concentration, and roughly the amount of foreshadowing we're seeing already.

Dan and Jordan open their clue at 11:09 and also read about the U-Turn. In an interview, Jordan explains how they made some decisions in advance, including "we weren't gonna throw elbows." "You saw what thrown elbows got Joe," Dan agrees. Hard to argue. But did the brothers also agree not to win any legs unless absolutely necessary?

All three of the remaining teams arrive at the bus terminal in time to get on the same bus to Kuala Lumpur. Dan and Jordan, who made it in under the wire, take a row behind Brent and Caite, who in turn are sitting behind the Detectives. Dan asks, "Who are you guys most concerned about the U-Turn?" I interpret that question as being about who might U-Turn them, but Michael jumps on this chance to make his argument that Carol and Brandy need to go, for whatever reasons he has that continue to escape me. "But they've come in first zero times," Jordan argues, which Michael with his three wins claims is irrelevant. Clearly his whole "get rid of a team who's a threat, which we are not whatever your lying eyes tell you" position is less successful with non-morons. However, the argument's target market, Caite, agrees: "I'm a hundred percent U-Turning the lesbians if we get there first," she brags to Dan and Jordan. "Because they're lesbians, is that what you're saying?" Jordan asks mildly, which I kind of love. Brent and Caite are shocked, shocked at the very idea that their antipathy for a team they refer to exclusively as "The Lesbians" might be connected in any way with that teams sexuality. Caite claims it's because they're so mean to her. Jordan, in an interview, tells us how much he's not buying Carol and Brandy as a threat. "We really, deep down, I just don't think they like them that much," he says. And apparently it's not as "anonymous" as Brent claimed. What I like about this interview shot is that in the distant background, a gigantic Ferris wheel is visible, and Jordan is positioned in such a way as to make it look like a giant halo around his head. I bet I don't love it as much as Jordan does, though. Caite says, as the bus's door closes at 12:00, that she doesn't mind being the only girl left in the race. Brent agrees, "After all the ____ she gets." Yes, that would certainly strike a blow for feminism, to get rid of the other two women.

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