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Down come Carol and Brandy, "How come you're going faster?" Brandy wonders. "I weigh more," Carol says, which doesn't explain how Caite outpaced Brent unless she was allowed to carry her grudge against The Lesbians even on the ride. After landing, Carol and Brandy get their Pit Stop clue. But Louie and Michael are already in a cab to Marina Barrage, Michael busting out one of his favorite lines: "Drive it like you stole it." He tells us, "If we're still in this race it'll be luck." What happened to controlling their own destiny? Meanwhile, Carol and Brandy are also getting in a cab. The Detectives' driver, whose name is Roy, says, "You guys will come in first, right?" Yeah, maybe next leg. Louie says he just doesn't want to go home yet. Meanwhile, Carol and Brandy are killing time between tasks in what has become their standard way this leg, namely bitching about Brent and Caite some more. "I have no respect for the way they played their game because frankly I don't think they have a game. I don't think they have the intelligence to put together a game." Carol joins in as they rattle off various popular expressions for stupid and crazy people. They're not exactly going out of their way to prove Caite and Brent wrong, are they?

The Detectives are arriving at Marina Barrage. We're led to believe that Carol and Brandy are too, and right behind them on the run up the spiral. And then, up on the windswept hill, Phil and the greeter see Louie and Michael struggling up to them. They're team number four, still in it. Although he doesn't mention that they're only still in it because of the U-Turn. Which I guess worked out for them after all, so I stand corrected.

Finally, here come Carol and Brandy, and they are duly Philiminated. Brandy immediately goes off: "There is no reason for Caite and Brent to have U-Turned us. They got to the U-Turn before two of the teams that have consistently won, and they choose to U-Turn us? Dumb did us in, that's all I can say." There it is. Phil points out, "She said that you were rude to her." Brandy doesn't deny it, but she says, "I'll be rude to her now, because it just doesn't make any sense." Assuming she ever sees her again. I'm a little disappointed they're out of the race, because otherwise maybe they could have asked Caite for specific examples, since it doesn't seem like anyone else is going to. Carol interviews, "I think there'll be a point in the not-too-distant future where we can get over the stupidity of today and just enjoy the richness of the experience." Yeah, I think that will be in the less distant future for Carol than for Brandy. They hug each other on the mat. "And I'll translate that into first-grader language for Brent and Caite," Carol's interview concludes. Okay, then, stay classy!

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