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Jet and Cord arrive at the Mega Zip clue box in third place. Back at the shipyard, Carol's trying to count links while Brandy keeps telling her to go faster. She gets 521, and they're off. As they walk back to the cab, Carol says, "We're in a race here, we're not done." Maybe running would be in order, then. Once in the cab, Brandy tells us about how Louie and Michael tried to gank their cab. "but he's a really good guy and he stayed with us." For all the good it's going to do them.

Jet and Cord are cut loose, and they zip hatless and whooping to the bottom. Apparently their hats are waiting for them there, so they re-lid themselves in time to open their next clue, and run to catch a cab to Marina Barrage, wondering where Louie and Michael are already. Good question.

In fact, they're just arriving at the front gate of Sentosa island. Much is made of the driver asking directions from the ticket booth lady, like they're going to get lost enough to give Carol and Brandy a chance to catch up. "It kind of looks like Disneyland," Brandy observes as their cab approaches the front gate. There's more footage of the Detectives asking for directions, and the ladies are out of their cab and doing the same shortly thereafter.

Jet and Cord reach the mat. "How about team number three?" Phil offers. They'll take it, especially after what Cord calls "our drumming episode." "Apparently it was so pathetic...," Phil agrees. Jet says, "The closest thing to a musical instrument we play is the radio." Phil throws his head back and laughs like he's never heard that one before.

Back at Sentosa island, the last two teams are still schlepping along in one of the show's least suspenseful conclusions ever. We're just going through the motions at this point. I mean, the episode title is "Dumb Did Us In," which nobody has said yet, and which of the two teams in the race for last is more likely to say that? Unsurprisingly, Louie and Michael find the Mega Zip clue box first. Michael hurries the always-winded Louie along, saying, "We'll rest on the ride down." Carol and Brandy find it next, of course. Louie and Michael are cut loose. "I love you, Louie!" Michael hollers across to his partner as they zip down in perfect sync. After they land, Louie points out the "really hot girl" holding the clue down on the beach below the landing platform, and the Amazing Editors give her teeth a little fake sparkle as she smiles at us. They get their clue in fourth place, Louie totally smitten. Think he'll come back for her?

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