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At the shipyard, Louie keeps calling out to Michael, "Don't miss one! Don't miss one!" because what Michael needs right now is more numbers being yelled at him. Michael finishes and goes to the table to tell the guide 521, but since he doesn't have a clipboard, it doesn't count. The guy sends him off to find it, and Michael goes off to look for it. Good thing he brought that counter along, right? Otherwise he would have been paying attention to the instructions about the clipboard.

Carol and Brandy arrive at ASL Marine, still in last. Carol will be doing this one. Cord wonders what Jet's writing down while he counts. The Cowboys finish up and get their clue just seconds before the Detectives, who have found their clipboard after going all the way back to the changing room. Carol starts counting. Jet urges their cabbie to get going quickly, but Louie and Michael's cabbie has gotten going even more quickly; indeed, he has already left without them. Can't get much faster than that. Seeing another waiting cab -- the driver's telltale striped cap makes him easily recognizable as the one who's been driving Carol and Brandy -- Michael makes an attempt to poach it. "They said they're all set," Michael lies to him, but the driver doesn't buy it. Michael tries some even more unlikely lies: "They don't want you to wait. Please, they're very mean. They won't like you. They'll be mean to you." This works as well as one would expect, because "foreign" and "gullible moron" mean two different things. Michael announces that they're screwed.

But they're okay right after the ads, because Michael asks a woman in another cab if they can take hers. "It's an emergency," he claims, which is another gray area for me, but when he offers her twenty U.S. dollars and she accepts, I have no problem with that whatsoever. He's even going to have Carol and Brandy's driver call the dispatcher to have another cab come pick her up, which is a nice little value-add. The detectives are finally on their way to Sentosa Island, and Michael says this was the "most stressful moment, knowing that Brandy and Carol are right behind us." He's just terrified of those women, isn't he? "If we don't beat them there and finish this fast, then we are screwed," he explains. Also, he finds them terrifying.

Brent and Caite's cab is arriving at Marina Barrage. He kisses her on the forehead. "Thank you," she says, suddenly all sweet. They run around and up to the mat, and are happy to be team number two. Of course, they've come in second before, but this is the first time they've come in second and got to stay there. Phil brings up the U-Turn, because it's part of his job. Caite claims she did it "because this whole time they have been really rude to me, they have said nasty things to me." Just nothing ever on camera. Rather than asking for any examples, Phil remarks, "It looks like they picked on the wrong team today." Oh, Phil, don't encourage her.

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