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Brent and Caite's cab reaches Sentosa Island, which the sign over the gate describes as "Asia's Favorite Playground." They soon find the clue box and open their next clue. "Zippity Doo Dah!" they read. Indeed. Phil clarifies that they'll "launch themselves" from a tower platform above the "jungle canopy" of Mount Imbiah, then take a 1200-foot ride down one of the longest and steepest zip lines in Asia. Is it really a "jungle canopy" if it's in the middle of an amusement park?

Carol and Brandy are riding back to the clue, the former being philosophical: "Some things don't make any sense, I'm to going to worry about it," Carol says. Brandy "agrees," "I'm not going to try to crawl into that brain, because, um, 'the Iraq and Iran...'" I don't think that's quite what Carol meant. Returning to the clue box, one of them invites the cameraman, "Get a good long shot of that bitchy mug." Brandy harshly mocks Caite some more in their post-leg interview, saying Caite looks like Cruella De Vil in her photo and throwing some highly dramatic poses for sarcastic effect. "You can just see the hunger in her eyes to be recognized as the model that she is. 'With my long blonde hair, I can be the prettiest! Such as!'" Carol is smiling, but cringing at the same time. They're not exactly covering themselves in glory here, but I think it's apparent that if they had wanted to be mean to Caite before this, we'd know.

Brent and Caite make the top of the launch platform. They're strapped into their harnesses beneath pulley wheels that will roll along the cable above them. "Three, two one," says a ride operator and yanks on a release cord, which is just about the opposite of "launching themselves." Both of them go zipping down the line, over the trees and a lagoon, and finally to the far side where they are deposited in loose canvas troughs. "I beat you!" Caite gloats. She declares it "wicked cool," and tells the people at home she needs to "pick my wedgie" before they go down to the beach to collect her clue from a young local woman. How dignified. Now it's off to Marina Barrage, which Phil says is across town. "This majestic structure at the edge of the sea is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here may be eliminated." The sign near the mat says, "Singapore, Republic of Singapore," which I guess is the downside of having a leg in a city-state. Brent and Caite hail a cab to Marina Barrage. Along the way, they congratulate themselves, and Caite says "It's not just about me being the last girl, but I think it'd be really cool if I was." Cool for whom? Not women, that's for damn sure. Brent agrees, because what else is he going to do?

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