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Michael talks about the success of their master plan. "We had everybody convinced that Carol and Brandy were a bigger threat than us, which is great." Louie says it would be nice to be in the final three with the Cowboys and Brent and Caite. Because they're idiots.

Brent counts 521 on the first try, so this can't be as hard as it looks. He signs a clipboard to get their next clue, and they're on their way. Phil says they need to find "Mega Zip," which is on a place called Sentosa Island. In the cab on the way there, Brent says it's do or die time: "That's the most important time in the game to focus and do what you gotta do and focus on you, and that's what we're gonna do." Thanks for that incisive analysis. I'm just stunned they're even still in the race.

The Cowboys arrive art the next clue box, and are happy to see they weren't U-Turned. Cord even says, "Poor Carol and Brandy... saved us." That old alleged feud that Carol and Brandy supposedly had with the Cowboys back in South America seems kind of quaint now, doesn't it? They're in fourth place as they head to the shipyard.

Some dude way-too-excitedly says he'll buy two ice cream sandwiches from Carol and Brandy, and the music goes all sixties game show as they serve them up. They keep moving them out.

Louie and Michael ask their cabbie to wait for them outside ASL Marine. Michael says this has to be his Road Block. He has Louie read the rest of the clue to him while he digs through his backpack for a pitch counter that he apparently uses in his other life as a Little League coach. The part Louie reads to him while he's doing this is about the clipboard he needs to complete the task. Michael finds his counter in one of the side pockets. He gets counting, but without the clipboard. So why did he have Louie read the rest of the clue to him?

The Cowboys get there next. "'Who's ready to add some stress to their day?' That's me, "Jet says after reading the initial clue question. Which is odd, because he looks like the more stressed of the two.

Carol and Brandy are still serving up ice cream sandwiches, except Brandy just dropped the knife they use to cut hunks of ice cream. Into the trash, no less. Carol fishes it out. "Just drop it in the water," she says. Fortunately Singapore is a super-clean city, so much so that even the trash isn't dirty. After a quick shot of Jet counting links over at the shipyard, we see Carol and Brandy selling their 25th treat and getting their clue, and doing it without having to involve their cabbie. Now back to where they were U-Turned.

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