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Louie and Michael find the next clue with the U-Turn, and Michael's happy to see that "Brent and Caite did what they were supposed to do... good job, kids." How proud he is.

Brent and Caite have arrived at the shipyard, specifically the building of a company called ASL Marine. Which sounds to me like CBS's next hit crime procedural, about an elite group of Marines who solve crimes not despite, but because of, their profound deafness. Instead, it's just a Road Block. No sooner have they opened the envelope than Phil starts telling us about Singapore being one of the busiest ports in the world, which makes sense given its location. "Now teams will find out just what it takes to work these docks by performing a roadblock that appears simple, but has the potential to drive them crazy." Oh, dear God, are they going to be operating cranes and moving shipping containers? Evacuate the city! But Phil says they'll be "inspecting an enormous anchor chain." For cracks, or stress fractures, or what? Nothing even that technical; Phil elaborates that they have to count each link in a giant chain that lies zigzagged on the dock in the hardhat area (the right answer is 521). Caite sends Brent to do this one, which I'm sure has nothing to do with my earlier remark about her counting skills. Besides, she's so happy at having finally U-Turned her nemeses that she could get shot in the face right now by a gun that shoots poo and not stop giggling. They both have to change into boots, gloves, hardhats, safety glasses, and red coveralls. Caite waits behind barricades in the waiting area while Brent is led over to the chain. He starts counting, having to contend with distractions in the form of guys using a hammer and a power grinder on steel plates for no reason other than to make a lot of noise, as well as a voice calling out random numbers over a loudspeaker. Brent says he wrote down a note on his clipboard every time he reached a hundred. He doesn't mention that he also yelled at everyone to shut up at every hundred, because we can see that for ourselves.

The Cowboys take another run at the drum task, and Cord throws his hat in victory as Jet collects the clue.

Carol and Brandy are dropped off near the ice cream supply dump. "There's an ice cream truck right there," Brandy says, and takes off in that direction before Carol's even out of the cab. By the time Carol is out of the cab, she's wondering where Brandy is, and ends up running to catch up. Brandy snaps at her for not listening. Good, snipe at each other. That will help. So that's what they keep doing. Carol says, "Bitch" at one point, though it's not clear what part of speech she's using it as. They find a cart, but Brandy complains about the location, flatly refusing to set up at a spot with no shade. Carol sets up their umbrellas, and look! They have shade! It's like magic! They start selling, and Carol's sales pitch takes a different angle than Michael's. "Ice cream sandwich, there's no swine flu!" Well, sign me up.

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