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Louie and Michael have sold 15 ice cream sandwiches, and have ten to go. Up comes their cabbie to buy out their remaining stock. That turned out to be a pretty expensive potty break he took earlier. Michael is positively giddy as he bags them up and they get their clue. I'm sure this will be at least partly reflected in the driver's tip, which seems like an ethical gray area to me; is that really different from buying the ice cream sandwiches from yourself? But then so does not having it reflected in the driver's tip. In any case, I'm going to let it go. And so will the show, since it doesn't seem to have anything explicit in the rules about money laundering.

Carol and Brandy practice the drum routine to the satisfaction of their teacher, and head up to the stage. "I asked you to leave this an hour ago. Let's see if we can beat the Cowboys," Carol says. They do, even though Carol loses it at the end. After taking all this time to get their drumming synchronized, they read the clue in spontaneous harmony: "Last Pit Stop city and Orchard Road," it says. Oh, that's what it meant by filling in the blank.

Louie and Michael's cabbie drops them off a block or more away, so they're wandering the city. A camera zooms in on the Penang Road sign. So Carol and Brandy find the clue box and the U-Turn first, with their faces on it. "They U-Turned us, cause you're prettier than she is," Carol tells Brandy, which, I wouldn't go that far, and then gives the other team's picture on the sign an open-handed slap. In an interview, Brandy bitterly says, "It's flat-out stupid. But let's be honest: she hasn't built a career on intelligence." Carol agrees, "She's an idiot, she's on YouTube to prove it." Ouch. Of course, they don't really have a history of turning the other cheek with each other, so why should they go easy on Caite?

After the break, they get back in their cab talking about what a dumb move that was, since they haven't won a leg yet. "You play the game smartly, you eliminate the stronger teams, you don't keep the stronger teams in to wipe their asses up." She had me and then she lost me. "Wipe their asses up?" In their post-leg interviews, Carol still thinks it doesn't make any sense, and Brandy says it can't be explained. "Stupid is as stupid does," she interrupts, and then goes into a dopey imitation of Brent going along with Caite in a David Letterman "dumb guy" voice that makes even Carol cringe a bit. "It's Brent and Caite Gump," she says. Somehow she forgot to include the word "Crikey" in her performance, though. In the cab to the other Pit Stop, Carol tries to look on the bright side with Brandy as they face what they need to do next. "With your charm, let's sell some sandwiches." "____ with the charm, right now," Brandy snaps back. "Okay," Carol smiles, charmed.

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