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We're back in Penang, which Phil calls "the northern gateway to Malaysia. First settled 225 years ago by the British, the convergence of Eastern and Western cultures is still prominently displayed in this historic city." Is "settled" really the word Phil's looking for, rather than "colonized?" Because if nobody else was there when the British arrived, it seems like this place might still be called Witherington Spit, part of the East Georgeland Islands or something. Pinang Peranakan Mansion is one architectural artifact of the colonial era, first built 100 years ago as a private residence and now a landmark and museum. And the fact that it's now also the eighth Pit Stop makes it a trifecta.

Having won the previous leg (despite starting last and having a Speed Bump to contend with), Jet and Cord, the Cowboys, are leaving first, at 10:02 AM. That's a suspiciously decent hour. The clue is sending them to Singapore. Phil elaborates that this will be a four hundred-mile journey by bus and train. This season is proving almost averse to airports, is it not? So am I, of course, and have been for a long time, so I'm not complaining. Phil says their first stop in Singapore will be the Victoria Concert Hall. There, they'll need to find Allan Wu. "Allan who?" asks a handsome young Asian man reading a newspaper outside. Phil explains that Allan Wu is the host of The Amazing Race: Asia, and we get a little clip of Allan Wu kicking off an Amazing Race: Asia as proof. Jet and Cord learn they're getting $190 for this leg, and head over to get a cab to the bus station. "I don't think there's a bigger move you can make than last to first," Cord interviews. Last to host, maybe, or last to Jerry Bruckheimer. That would be a very big move. "I think the ghost riders are back in the saddle again," he says. I'm not using that name for them, even if they are just making a reference to how pale they are.

Carol and Brandy are leaving at 10:12 PM, and the first clue tells them there will be a U-Turn in this leg. A pre-start interview shows them talking about how well they worked together in the previous leg, which they did, and their hope to "take some of the Cowboys' mojo and leapfrog into first today," which they won't.

Michael and Louie's departure time is 10:31. They're still in their cab, asking the driver to get there first, when Jet and Cord are already boarding their bus to Kuala Lumpur at 10:47. Cord thinks the word printed on their bus driver's baseball cap, "Race," is a good omen. I don't see either up them sneaking up to write "Amazing" on the back of the hat in Sharpie, though.

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