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Barcelona Killed The Beauty Queens

So here are the A(AM!)s at the airport. They park and go inside. They find a ticket agent who tells them to find a travel agency, so they set off. Elsewhere, the BQs are driving to the airport, somewhat ill-advisedly gloating over having a 30-minute lead over the Pointies and *lyns, whom they again call the "sistas" here. Obviously, the half-hour lead doesn't mean much, since you're about to get on a flight. If anything, you should be happy that you'll probably be on the same flight as everyone else and you'll be in a tie. Your odds of carrying a 30-minute lead past an 800-mile flight? They are not very good. Back at the café, Karlyn is still hassling and insulting Lyn about how slow she is, even as Lyn is about to be finished. "Karlyn, shut the hell up," Lyn finally says. "You don't tell me to shut up," Karlyn snaps. "You don't run my mouth, you could've been finished." Man, she is a piece of work. If Lyn really didn't make a "you spend enough time running your own mouth" joke here, she has the patience of a saint. Which, come to think of it, I guess we already knew. Rob notes that Lyn is finished and shares this with Kimberly. "It took her long enough!" Karlyn spits, crossing the line between nagging your partner and actually slagging your partner to other teams, which... you cannot do. Lyn collects the clue and, clearly very angry and struggling not to lose her temper, she reads the directions to fly to Barcelona. Kimberly continues eating. The *lyns get back into their car to go to the airport. In the car, Lyn calmly tells Karlyn that for her to "berate" Lyn like that wasn't doing anything to help get the task done. "We approach things different," Karlyn says unapologetically. "I'm not going to change and do things the way she wants me to do it. If she don't like it, then just don't listen to me." Oh, my favorite. It's the "being nasty to other people is my personal style, so you have no right to tell me I can't be who I am" theory. That's right: she may be acting like a jerk to her friend, but she's keeping it real. I never understand how genuineness takes the place of civility. Back at the café, Rob tells Kim again that she needs to get done, and she tells him again that he should leave her alone. She finally finishes, so she gets the clue and they can go. They get in their car and go to the airport.

Airport. The boys find the travel agency and sit down with a nice gentleman to discuss tickets to Barcelona. Outside, the BQs are being dropped off by TDRH, who is kiss-kissing them. As they walk through the airport, the BQs again discuss the fact that they need to come in first in order to keep from running into the 30-minute penalty, and then they wonder aloud to each other whether the A(AM!)s would voluntarily step aside and let them come in first so that they could stay in the game. In other words, wouldn't they like to intentionally allow the only team beside themselves that has consistently won legs to be in the final leg with them, instead of a team that's usually been near the back and a team that's generally been kind of in the middle? Doesn't that sound great? You might think they'd save themselves the embarrassment of asking, but they don't. Indeed, when they get to the travel agency and encounter the A(AM!)s, who are just getting a 4:30 flight to Barcelona, the BQs have something they'd like to ask. Kandice grins her pageant smile and says, "Guys, if we are neck and neck, do you theeeenk you would let us jump on the mat before yooou?" Asking just the right question given the BQs constant yammering about their awesomeness, Tyler calmly asks, "You don't have enough faith in your game?" "We're just wondering," the BQs say at the same time, and the A(AM!)s look at each other and crack up, Tyler literally poking a mocking thumb at the BQs as he does so. That is really a pretty funny "can you believe this shit" moment. "We go with you all the way," Dustin protests, "so if it came down to... " "A foot race?" James finishes. "A foot race," Dustin agrees. "If you guys could just maybe 'trip,'" Kandice suggests, kind of sheepishly, but certainly not joking. Tyler explains in an interview that this is the first time the BQs have had any interest in cooperation with them, and he's not interested in rolling over and letting them come in first. "Wouldn't you rather have us in the top three than Rob and Kim?" Dustin asks. What I don't get is... how can the BQs have spent this entire race talking about how awesome everyone else thinks they are and how jealous everyone is of them and still think this particular plan is going to work? Basically, the boys give a big blow-off to this entire idea, which is very satisfying. And, if you think about it, a sign of respect. It's pretty cool to see a team of two young women trying to sucker the young athletic dudes into wanting them in the final three, and the young athletic dudes being like, "What do you think we are, SUCKERS? We don't want to have to race against you!" Whatever else happens, that's good to see. Although I have to say, it's one of a tiny, tiny number of times I've seen them do anything that has a stench of "we're just little giiiiiirls, we can't raaaace" thing, and I never care for that.

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