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Barcelona Killed The Beauty Queens

Lyn and Karlyn are also getting directions to the clue box.

Dustin and Kandice check to make sure that TDRH hasn't gone anywhere, and he hasn't. He's still sitting right there, waiting for them, having apparently nothing else to do with his day. They talk and talk about how they're still in it, and they're so excited. Meanwhile, Rob and Kimberly are starting to get short-tempered while looking for the clue box. They've crossed into the Hey, Don't Yell At Me place, which is only a few miles from the That's What I SAID place, and then it's a wee hop to the SHUT UP! place. Lyn and Karlyn are also still looking. Kandice, however, is ready to start eating some camel, and she pronounces it "good." Rob and Kimberly are... well, he's kind of getting really loud now, running around talking louder and louder about where they're trying to go, as if the locals will understand him in English better if he's louder. Kandice keeps eating in her "NY" shirt; Rob and Kim and Lyn and Karlyn keep looking for the clue box. Rob seems to be under the impression that putting his arms up in a searching "WHAAAAAT?" kind of gesture will make it clearer that he needs help, but Kimberly thinks he looks like a dork and tells him so, pretty much. I sort of agree with both of them.

Interestingly, at this point, Rob and Kim and the *lyns run into each other and start working together, kind of, looking for the clue box. Kim comes clean immediately, saying they ran into the boys and the boys said the BQs were already there. Karlyn cannot believe it, but indeed, Kandice is almost finished chowing down on camel meat. She finishes and collects their clue, which says to go to Barcelona. TDRH runs them back to their car, and as they're going, the Pointies and *lyns spot them and start to follow them, even though Kim is pretty confident that they've already done whatever it is and are coming, not going. As the BQs get in their car to leave for the airport, they tell Kim that they did indeed already get the clue, and they start to point here toward where it is, only to have Rob butt in and tell Kim not to ask them, which... isn't very smart. It's kind of bitter for no good reason. Instead, Rob asks TDRH to tell him where it is, but Dustin tells TDRH not to help Rob, so he doesn't. In fact, the BQs are taking TDRH with them. On the way to the airport with Dustin and TDRH, Kandice smirks that Rob has "an anger-management problem." It must be nice not to have any problems. Rob and Kimberly and Lyn and Karlyn keep looking for the clue box. Will they find it? What will happen? Suspense!

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