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Barcelona Killed The Beauty Queens

Next to arrive in the general vicinity of the clue box are the BQs, who are, as usual, proving that when they have someone inside the car who can tell them where they're going, they have a decent shot at getting to wherever it is. They ask TDRH if he'll stay with them, and he agrees, so they take off looking for the clue box, and TDRH comes with them. "It's not every day you get to do this," Kandice says to him magnanimously. Yes, it's awfully generous of you to let him spend his day doing unpaid work for you, Kandice. Really, he should be thanking you. Where are his manners? Elsewhere, Lyn and Karlyn are asking directions. They find a cab driver who is supposedly going to take them to where they need to go.

It's time for James to eat camel meat. "It's so good," he says, and when Tyler asks him if it really is, James says it really is, laughing a little. "It's like a really good burger," he says. And again with that shot of the tongue hanging out of a random camel. Can we afford that camel a little dignity? Yeesh. Tyler is really pleased that no other teams have arrived yet. But as he's saying that, here come the BQs to the clue box with TDRH. Kandice takes the Roadblock, because her giant teeth can gnaw through anything. They follow TDRH toward the meat market. Elsewhere, Rob and Kimberly are trying to get directions to where they're supposed to be, but they're having a rough time of it.

The BQs buy their camel meat, and TDRH leads them to the café, where they find James still eating. The boys are not happy to see that they're the second team to get there. Kandice starts to grind the meat as the girls talk yet again about how surprised the boys are to see them, which is true, of course, but it's again one of those situations where you want to let it speak for itself, rather than having "can you believe how awesome we are?" conversations all day long. James finishes up the camel meat in a hurry, and they get a clue. It tells them to fly to Barcelona, Spain, which is about 800 miles, so the guys are off. Kandice is putting her meat onto skewers. Somehow, I'm thinking giant wads of cooked meat on sticks do not make up Kandice's typical diet. Just a guess.

Finally, Rob and Kimberly are at least finding the place where they're supposed to park their car, so that's a start. As they're hopping out, James and Tyler are leaving, and the A(AM!)s give the Pointies a point in the right direction and instructions to go "down this hallway and ask somebody." The guys leave, unsure exactly where they're going. Rob and Kimberly run a little ways, but now they can't figure out where they're going. "I don't know where we are, dude," Rob says. "Son of a bitch." Elsewhere, Kandice is still skewering. She gets done, and then she hands the meat to the guy at the grill, says, "I like it medium well," and grins and giggles at Dustin over how hilarious and awesome they both are. It's totally their favorite topic.

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