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Tyler and James are pulling into a gas station to ask for some directions, and they wind up finding a guy who agrees to lead them. Lyn and Karlyn are also asking directions, but they're having some trouble communicating with the locals. Rob and Kimberly: same. Dustin and Kandice pull over and ask This Dude Right Here, who's wearing an orange shirt and standing by the side of the road. TDRH offers to come with them and show them where it is. Tyler and James are the first to get themselves parked, however. They're wandering around a sort of municipal-park-like area looking for the clue box. "Eagle eye, buddy," Tyler says. And then suddenly, James spots the clue box from quite a way away, and Tyler follows him, sprinting across a patch of grass. "Look at that eagle eye!" Tyler says admiringly. "Purr," says James. They open up the clue box. This is a Roadblock, says the clue, and Phil explains that in this particular one, that person will be "indulging in a traditional Moroccan meal." What you don't want to notice is all the meat behind Phil, including fully intact camel heads with... less than intact camels behind them. Like, parts of necks, and... I need to lie down. And then a guy takes a camel head that's... hanging from its... wow, I just can't... and then he kisses it. The head. The dead camel's head, he kisses. I feel faint. Anyway, Phil explains that the teams will go to a market and find a stall where they will buy a pound of camel meat. A shot is inserted here of a live camel moaning unhappily, which is kind of like the old commercials with the crying Indian, if they were used to illustrate a whimsical game involving toxic waste dumping. At a nearby café, the teams will prepare the camel meat. And then, of course, they'll eat it.

James takes the Roadblock for his team, of course, and the boys take off looking for the stall. At this point, the show includes a particularly unsettling close-up of a camel head hanging in a butcher shop with its tongue hanging out of the side of its mouth. Wow. That is... not this show's typical image of a camel, that's for sure. Poor Shecky! Tyler and James find the stall and buy their camel meat, and James comments that it's "a lot of meat, bro." Tyler's all, "If I had a nickel... " They find the café, and James starts feeding the meat through a grinder. The next step is to use little dishes of spices to season the meat. James then packs the meat onto little skewers and takes it to be cooked on a hot grill. As it cooks, they comment that it actually smells pretty good.

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