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5:31 AM. Speaking of the *lyns, here they go. Lyn talks about how it's the first time in the race they've been close to the front, so they feel good. Karlyn enjoys reminding us that in the last leg, the BQs Yielded them and wound up being the ones to come in last and be "marked" and such. "We definitely have a plan to get them out now, since they tried to get us out." You will recall that Karlyn had absolutely nothing at all against the BQs until the Yield. Until then, she was planning on having them over for Thanksgiving. Dustin was going to make the sweet potatoes. "We've got to get rid of them this time," Lyn says, a bit more straightforwardly. They get in the car, and Lyn rather dryly observes that she once loved road trips, but she's "growing weary." Hee. Yeah. Other than traveling with a couple of diaper-clad two-year-olds, I'm not sure anything could sap your interest in travel quite like this.

5:47 AM. Rob and Kimberly. They're getting $295 for the leg, we learn. Kimberly interviews that Rob just doesn't give up. She says he used to need pushing to "get motivated," but now he doesn't. (Giant Vulture Of Foreshadowing: "Awk, awk.") They get in the car, and Rob says he just wants to get to the final three, and he really thinks they'll win the money, get married, and "ride off into the Moroccan sunset." I have to say, when I first heard that, I thought I was hearing him say "write off" instead of "ride off," and my brain was like, "Wow, he's already thinking about ways to write off his wedding!" You have to admit, it would be creative. As they drive, he notes that the roads are a little upsetting, because there's no guardrail. So you might die, but at least they could write off your funeral. Government-subsidized coffins for everyone! Ha ha! Up in the Tyler and James car, actually, they're mentioning the same thing. Lyn, too! And then there's this brilliant moment where Kimberly says, "I hate how there's so many dogs out here," as she looks out the window at all the... well, I'll let Rob do it. First, Kimberly says, "Oh, those are lambs." And Rob grins and says, "Goats." She says she "saw the horns." And assumed... that they were... yeah, I'm not sure. They keep driving, and he chuckles mischievously and quizzes her on another animal, and she's all, "Shut up." Hee.

6:16 AM. Dustin and Kandice. You'll notice they were almost a half-hour behind Rob and Kimberly, despite what was implied in the way last week's ending was put together. As they leave the mat, they explain again, for the several-th time we have heard this episode, that unless they come in first, there's a 30-minute penalty, so obviously, they need to come in first or get ahead by a half-hour. Tautology-ness is next to godliness. They also complain some more that other teams are "cold" to them because the race is picking up. I never understand this. I mean, they specifically said they didn't care about their relationships with other teams several times. They specifically said they weren't here to make friends and so forth, and when you take that attitude, that's fine, but then that means that... people may be cold to you, you know? I find the whole "poor us, nobody likes us, not that we care" thing to be sort of silly. I mean, isn't it self-fulfilling? You decide you don't care if nobody likes you, then you act different and people don't like you. I don't think it's exactly a secret, usually, when you're taking that "I'm here to win; I don't care about making friends" attitude. People can tell you have that "fuck off" thing going, so it's very hard to tell what's cause and what's effect. Translation? "They didn't like us first."

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