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And here are the *lyns in their taxi on the way to the pit stop. Lyn says that they're "playing the 'hurry up and wait' game." The traffic, she is brutal.

Zzzzoink! Zoink! Zoink! The music grows tense again as we look in at the pit stop, where the boys are leaping out of their taxi and running up the steps to look for Phil. The BQs are also hopping out and looking, but neither team is seeing the pit stop. Both of the teams are a bit confused, but then the BQs find a lady who tells them, in English, how to get to the fountain that's between two tall pillars. They take off, and the boys are right behind them.

And here, at some other place and time not necessarily having anything to do with what's going on with the boys and BQs, here are the *lyns getting out of their cab. James and Tyler, still looking. Dustin and Kandice, still looking. Lyn and Karlyn, still looking. Dustin doesn't understand how people can not know what she's looking for. The A(AM!)s find a guy who says "upstairs," so they head up the stairs.

And here is Phil, at the top of the stairs, and here are... the *lyns, ready to check in. Welcome, Lyn and Karlyn, you are team number two. "Hello, pretty lady," Lyn says. They are very happy. Phil points out to the *lyns that they are the first woman-woman team to make it into the final three. Which, in the tenth season, is pretty unfortunate. I've always said, and I still believe, that there are a number of female teams that could have made the final three and just happened not to. There have been plenty of final three teams that weren't particularly great at racing. I think the show has been unlucky in some ways, but it's nice not to have it sticking out like a sore thumb that a team of women has never crossed the finish line, even if this is not the team I would have chosen. Lyn interviews that all they have to do now is "seal the deal."

Someone is running up to the mat. It's... James and Tyler. Welcome, you are team number three. They are very happy about this, actually, because they grasp the meaning instantly. Phil comments that they "overtook the girls," and Tyler says it was "this close, though."

And here, complete with the sad music, come the BQs. You are the last team to arrive, and you are eliminated. Phil comments that everyone was trying to get rid of them. In an interview, Dustin says that they were just sure they could do it. Dustin goes on to explain that they "don't know how to do anything halfway." Except... get through the final two legs of the race, I guess. My favorite part is where Kandice says they couldn't give up "even if [they] tried." They are that awesome. And they don't want you to forget it. She hopes that they have busted all stereotypes that they're "playing with [their] tiaras all day." I really... don't think that's the stereotype you need to worry about. I'm certainly glad that there was a cocky, obnoxious, self-congratulatory "we are so intense" team that was made up of women. It's about time, you know? But it doesn't make me like them.

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