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Lyn finally finds the tomato with the clue in it. "Come on, sister!" Karlyn says happily, pulling Lyn out of the tomato pile. She follows with, "Good job, sister!" And... "sister." I would certainly hope that that's where the BQs got it, in which case it's more incredibly ill-advised and less offensive. Nicely enough, as they're leaving, Karlyn says that the stress gets to her in these situations, and she's not good at handling it. "And I apologize for that," she says. "I accept your apology," Lyn tells her. Aw, that was cool. Hey, you can't have everything, but at least the apology helps some. They get in their taxi and tell their driver to go fast.

And here are Rob and Kimberly, running up the steps, and there's Phil at the mat with the greeter. Welcome, Pointies. You are team number one. Their first act is a giant hug. I like that. It's the ones who stare coldly at each other on the mat even when they do well who always freak my shit right out. Phil also tells them that they've won a trip to a spa resort in Barbados. Well, that's nice. Also: "snorkeling with giant sea turtles." That sounds... kind of dangerous. I hope they're not carnivorous giant sea turtles. Phil asks them whether they think the other teams want to win as badly as they do. Kimberly says that she thinks their relationship, rather than the other teams' friendships, makes them have "more to gain." Rob starts to cry as he tells Phil that winning would mean a lot to him. Kim kisses him, and they have a nice clinch. ["True. And yet: way to cry, Rob." -- Joe R] Rob tells us that he wants the million bucks to start a family with Kimberly. He says he wants to marry her. On the mat, he tells her he loves her. "It would be a start to a life together." There is a shot of them staring off into the distance that is designed to keep you from thinking about the fact that it will be a life together full of yelling, unless they manage to do some work on the old personal relationship.

Finally, the BQs and A(AM!)s reach the lady giant who has their clue. They both leave, heading for the pit stop in taxis. Both teams seem to hop into their taxis at approximately the same time. In the taxi, Dustin is talking about getting to the mat ahead of the A(AM!)s, but in fact, it makes no difference at this point. Kandice is frustrated that they spent the whole leg staying with the boys in the first place, which was not the way to go, as she's pointing out. As for the boys, Tyler is saying that it seems like a "real possibility" that they'll be first and the BQs will be second, but that everyone else will be at least a half-hour behind. He says, of course, that the tomato Detour was "way, way out of the city."

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