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In the back of the Pointy cab, Rob says, "I'm sorry I yelled, babe, I could not have us leave, babe." He extends a hand toward her, and she takes it. "I just started freaking out, because I thought, 'we're never going to find it.'" "Baby, you have to have faith sometimes." I'm not sure I'm pleased to see them resolve this by implying that he was entirely right and she just gave up too easily, but my hope is that he also understands that he could have stood to be a little more sympathetic. I hope.

Tyler and James are still in traffic on the way to the giants.

Lyn and Karlyn arrive at the tomatoes. When Lyn takes her first tomato to the side of the head, she grabs one, tosses it back, and says, "Bastards." Hee. I totally give a pass for that, given that it's a combat situation and she's reacting on instinct, and I don't honestly think anybody even heard her. She said it out loud, but it was more for herself than for them. She and Karlyn continue looking, and they continue getting pelted.

Finally, the A(AM!)s are out of their cab. They find the giants and get into the costumes. Tyler's all, "You look awesome, bro," and in the line wisely chosen for the episode title, James says, "Dude, I'm such a hot giant chick right now." It looks like it's not long after they leave when the boys run into the BQs, who apparently haven't made very much progress in a decent amount of time they had as a head start. As the two teams wait to cross a street, Tyler asks James how it smells under the giant's skirt. "Ripe," James says.

In the Pointy cab, there is yet another discussion in which Rob restates that he really, really wants to get rid of the BQs. I think I understand that part.

Speaking of them, the BQs and A(AM!)s are still looking for the big giant with the clue, and James speculates that the tomatoes could be taking forever. Back at the tomatoes, Karlyn is very unhappy, and says, "Do you want to continue to waste time here?" Lyn allows that it's "tedious," but she thinks they can do it. Karlyn insists that they have to leave, so Lyn says that if Karlyn really wants to go, they can go. Karlyn complains that Lyn is putting it on her to decide, and Lyn basically says she already offered her opinion. Seriously, what is Karlyn saying? What option does Lyn have that would please Karlyn, other than unquestioning agreement?

The A(AM!)s and BQs are still wandering, still looking for directions to the really big giant. The A(AM!)s wind up getting directions and trying to slip away from the BQs.

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