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Barcelona Killed The Beauty Queens

So, to recap: they needed to recognize that both the long-term goal (find the clue) and the logistical difficulty along the way (pelted with tomatoes) were to be mutually attacked, and they didn't. Instead, they each tried to come up with their own strategy for doing both, and when they didn't agree on strategy, they each concluded that the other didn't adequately care and was doing it wrong. She became so desperate to be listened to that she bailed out entirely, which only made him angrier, because now he really thought she didn't care. Also, it was very difficult for Rob to admit that he didn't like being pelted with tomatoes, so he denied that it bothered him, which both (1) kept them from discussing the problem straightforwardly, and (2) made her feel like he was ridiculing her for actually being bothered by being pelted with tomatoes. Who knew this Detour was this genius?

Commercials. Diamonds are pretty, but not very practical.

Back at the Pointies' cab, Rob asks the driver how far it is to Las Ramblas, to the other Detour option. He says it's 20 kilometers. "No way," he tells her. "We have to do it." She immediately calms down and heads back to the tomato pile. Because now, there's a reason why they have to stay and do it other than that he simply won't consider not doing it. He asks her again why she's crying. "Because this is going to take forever, and I don't want -- " "It's taking forever, so you're crying," he says in disbelief. His tone changes, at least according to the edit. "We have to do it, just take your time," he says slowly, as if he cares how she feels. "Take a beat and put your head down," he says. "I am," she protests, getting hit again. "I don't understand how it's in here," she says. "Oh!" he hollers. He picks up a tomato that he appears to have squished with his feet, and he pulls out a clue capsule. "We got it, baby." They pull out the clue. "Travel by taxi to the next pit stop," Kimberly reads, over the words that somewhat surprisingly say, "Currently in 1st Place." Phil explains that this will mean finding a fountain on the other side of Barcelona. The last team here... may be eliminated.

The pressure off, Rob and Kim start to decompress as they change their clothes. "I just hated that, it hurt," she says, finally just expressing without hostility what was bothering her about it. "It was a needle... in a tomato stack," he says. Heh. They get in the cab.

The BQs, meanwhile, are wandering around in their giant costumes. They stop to ask directions from a guy who doesn't understand them. I have to say, I'm wondering if they kind of let their navigation skills get soft by constantly hiring people to lead them around. They really, in these last couple of legs, have seemed lost when they had to do the navigating on their own.

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