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Barcelona Killed The Beauty Queens

We move to the BQ taxi, now on its way to the giants. Dustin is telling Kandice that the tomato fight might also have been a hoot. They repeat, once again, the business about the penalty they face if they don't come in first. Tyler and James are somewhere behind them, heading for the same Detour. Tyler wants to know if James is prepared to "dig deep." James hesitates, and then he's like, "Yeah, of course," and for the first time, one senses that he might be about to turn around and ask Tyler whether he'd like a whistle to go with that gym teacher's uniform he apparently thinks he's wearing. In the *lyns' cab, Lyn is talking about how frustrating it is to see the BQs always get to everything first, but she says she hopes that the rest of them can stay within a half-hour and knock the BQs out.

Tomato fight. Locals yelling, "Yaaaaaah!" Rob throwing tomatoes back at them. Kimberly looking through the pile, thinking that getting whanged with tomatoes isn't a whole lot of fun. She tells him that she's getting hit in the face, but he mostly ignores her. She says she's "done with this one," and she wants to leave. "They're hurting us," she says as she takes another tomato to the back of the head. "I'm done with it," she says. "No, no! I'm not leaving!" Rob protests, and he climbs into the tomato pile. Now, she's crying, and she says, "This is going to take forever."

The BQs are piling out of their taxi. They're meant to be at a bridge, but they don't see one around. The clue as Phil described it did talk about traveling on foot along Las Ramblas, so I'm not sure the bridge is supposed to be right there the way I think they're thinking it should be. They ask for directions, and locals continue to send them along toward the bridge.

Tomato hell. Kimberly is continuing to say that she wants to leave and go to the other one. "Just do the damn task, it's too late," he says. "No it's not too late," she says, sounding pretty calm. "Honey," he says, also sounding pretty calm. "Babe, it's not too late," she says, still sounding pretty calm. "I'm not doing it," he insists, sounding impatient but not freaked. And then Kimberly absolutely shrieks -- and I am not kidding, it is a shriek -- "LISTEN TO ME!" But it's the "LISSENDAMEE!" way. And then she repeats it: "LISSENDAMEE!" Wow, that was Freak. Eee. He doesn't even lose it at all; he kind of says, "I don't want to --" And she goes back to sounding rational, which is very weird, and she says, "If we get there, we won't be a half-hour behind the girls." She takes a couple more whaps with tomatoes. "We cannot be a half-hour behind them," she says, "and this is making me mad." What's so funny here is that they're reacting, both of them, to how much they can't stand having people throw shit at them -- her reaction is to ball up and want to leave, and his reaction is that suddenly, he loses it and starts occupying himself throwing tomatoes back at people. So now he won't leave, and he's not even helping. "BAAABE! Stop paying attention to them and get this," she says. "I'm getting hit by a tomato!" he says. "Who cares?" she says with frustration, since she is angry about getting hit by a tomato.

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