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Barcelona Killed The Beauty Queens

So back at the maze entrance, the *lyns and A(AM!)s are sans taxi at this point. Tyler and James are unhappy, because their plan was to stick to the BQs, whom they've now lost. Frantic efforts to hail cabs follow. It appears that the cabs are not stopping, and I think one of the EEFPs said that in Barcelona, cabs are called from cab stands and not hailed on the street, and if that's true, it would explain quite a lot.

Commercials. Blair Underwood? Still cute. I knew a girl when I was 13 years old who was totally in love with him, and it's still a totally valid viewpoint.

When we return, the A(AM!)s finally get a taxi to stop, and they cooperate when the *lyns want their cab to call a second one for them. This makes sense, of course, because the last thing the A(AM!)s want, given their goal for the leg, is for the *lyns to wind up way behind. In the cab, Tyler and James aren't sure which Detour to do, but with the same strategy as the Pointies but different assumptions, they decide to go for the giants, figuring that's what the BQs will do. They conclude that the BQs generally go for the physical task when given the chance, so they're likely to pick the giants over the tomatoes. Again, it's interesting to see a team of women who are known to want the brawn task. I may not like the BQs, but I like what they represent, if you see what I mean. Tyler explains in the car that their strategy is to "follow them to the finish line and make sure they don't get first," which I took to mean that they don't intend to come in second but within 30 minutes; they intend to go with the BQs and then beat them at the last minute, which they can probably do. Finally, the *lyns' cab arrives, and they head for the tomatoes. In the cab, Lyn explains that they're not sure how heavy the giants would be or how long the distance would wind up being.

The BQs are stuck in traffic on the way to the giants.

So here we are at the giant tomato pile, where Rob and Kimberly are just arriving. If you said to yourself at this point, "This is going to be good," you are (1) not wrong; and (2) becoming very good at spotting genius in the making. They run into an empty town square, where a giant pile of tomatoes in the middle is surrounded by a larger ring of smaller tomato piles. Rob and Kim head for the big pile in the middle. As they start to hunt, a crowd of people comes running, spreads itself around the ring, and starts hurling tomatoes at Rob and Kim. Kimberly gives a couple of "ow" remarks as the tomatoes start to hit her in the shoulders and head. As Rob winds up and hurls a tomato at somebody, Kimberly almost immediately says that "this is stupid," and they "should do the other one." "Look for the damn clue," he says. Kimberly takes a tomato right on the back of her neck, pretty hard, and she tells him that they're "going to get hurt," because they're getting whole tomatoes flung at them. I have to say, I was kind of surprised that the show set this up this way. One of the EEFPs said that he/she had experienced a "tomato fight" like this, and the rule was that you had a squish the tomato first, so it wasn't like... you know, hurling a baseball at someone's head. I kind of get Kimberly's unhappiness about this situation, to be honest. Rob tells her to look while he throws tomatoes back at the hurlers. Three questions: (1) Isn't that a waste of his time? (2) Isn't that just going to make them throw more? (3) Isn't he worried about throwing a tomato with a clue in it? Just little things I am wondering. "I hate this one -- ow!" Kimberly says. "I just got nailed." See, she's taking it okay at the beginning, which is interesting.

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