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Three Strikes and You're out (And It's About Time Somebody Was)
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In the previouslies, Phil comes right out and promises that one of the remaining five teams will be eliminated tonight. Gosh, Phil, why would we ever think otherwise, what with five of the nine episodes thus far ending in Philimination? That's more than half!

After the credits and the ads, we pick up seconds before we left off last week, when Amani and Marcus learned they were team number one and that the next leg of the race was starting right now. Like, right now. Amani reads from the clue Phil just handed her that they need to drive themselves to the Ford Proving Ground in Lommel, Belgium. What a coincidence -- I believe Ford is a sponsor this season! In one of the cars which were apparently waiting for the teams outside the park (or "Parc," in this case), Marcus says they're going to fight to the end. Which is a noble sentiment, but they would probably be better off racing than fighting.

The sax sextet has struck up again as Cindy and Ernie hop up to the gazebo. They hug upon being told they're team number two, until Phil's "however" causes Ernie's expression to fall comically to the ground. Phil breaks the news that the next leg has already begun and Cindy blares, equally comically, "OH MY GOSH!" She has this weird gift for saying things that aren't funny in a way that still makes me laugh. Off they go to find the cars waiting for them. They drive to the nearest hotel (which is very near indeed) to get directions. Also, please note that Phil didn't ding them for losing their train tickets in the last leg, but then what would he have said? "Ernie and Cindy, you are the second team to arrive. However, you did not present your tickets to the conductor on the train from Cologne to Brussels. However, a conductor never checked for tickets. However, as a result you effectively rode the train for free. However, I guess you paid for the tickets, even if they weren't in your possession. HOWEVER, their loss ate up the entire middle of last week's episode and-- You know what, fuck it, just get out of here."

Jeremy and Sandy are team number three, which is like first place in Jeremy-and-Sandy-World. They take the news that the next leg has already begun in stride, but I can't believe they don't find it off-putting that Phil's dialogue on the mat is so obviously dubbed in after the fact.

Andy and Tommy are still doing the previous task, namely the bodybuilding posedown. They're getting a lot more into it this time, as is the tiny audience. The judges give them some positive feedback and then reveal the scores -- fours across the board, so with twelve points, they're done with the task and have their clue in fourth place. Better yet, now they can put some clothes on.

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