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She bitches for a while longer, and then -- although you probably thought she had reached her absolute limit and said the absolute worst and most ridiculous things she could possibly say -- she gets even worse. "I'm tired of having to scream," she says in the voice of a scolding parent. "I'm tired of having to override your decisions...I'm tired of it." That one should actually make you laugh out loud, unless you give it too much thought, at which point it will completely make you cry. "Okay, then let's just quit," Zach says, obviously out of answers for this completely surreal rant on which she has embarked. "If you're tired, let's just stop. I mean, whatever." Interestingly, I normally hate it when people talk about quitting, but the interesting thing is that it doesn't bother me in this situation, because I don't think Zach is saying it for effect. I think Zach is serious. I think he's seriously saying, "There is nothing I can do to make you stop yelling at me, so if you're not going to stop, we should quit."

The wind is blowing hard as the Bald Snark gets into town to look for the floating market flag. They are in first place as they open the clue box. It's time for the Detour. Phil has to yell over the boat noise this week as he explains about the two tasks and the pros and the cons. The choices this week are Easy Buy and Hard Sell. In Easy Buy, you get in a boat, explore the floating market, and find the one vendor who sells water coconuts. You buy one. In Hard Sell, you take fruit out in a shoulder basket and sell it on the street. You have to sell about $2.50 worth, and each piece of fruit is worth about six cents. When they're finished, they have to bring the money to a nice lady who will make sure they've sold enough fruit to move on.

Kenny leans toward the selling, but Gerard goes for the buying, and that's what they wind up doing.

As FloZach approaches the market, Zach makes note of the heavy gray clouds in the sky. "The storm of the century is approaching," he notes. GET IT?

In their boat, Ken and Gerard note the beginning of the rain. They try to communicate with the folks selling produce from their boats, but it doesn't go very well. Everyone is terrifically friendly, but the language barrier just appears to be a little too much.

Asshat is approaching the market as well. Happy to be there, Ian says, "Ohhh, numba-one taxi drivah!" Yeah, that's bad. That's a rickety, unpleasant stereotype, and it's not appreciated. At least by me. I'm well aware he doesn't mean anything by it, but...people often don't, if you know what I'm saying. It appears that the twins are now bringing up the rear, encouraging their not-very-fast cab driver to go faster. I'm surprised the transmission hasn't fallen out of that cab yet.

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