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Ferry dusted

A brief interlude during which we see some other teams driving in their cabs.

Aaaand now it's back to FloZach. She is still complaining. Still. Complaining. If you look at Zach, he's doing this blinking and half-nodding thing like he's about to blow up. I keep having this weird vision where he suddenly turns to face her, opens his mouth, and exhales a gigantic fireball that reduces her head to a little lump of charcoal. And then there is this pause while Zach takes a few deep breaths. And then you hear the lump of charcoal scream in this high little voice, "And another thing!" Anyway, back in reality, Flo is still going strong. "I picked the line that finished first! I did my share!" You know, it is so like Flo to consider it "doing her share" when she did something that was entirely out of her control and didn't require her know, do a damn thing. "You should've done it!" she barks. "I asked you to do it, why didn't you do it?" ("It" is presumably cutting in line.) Zach, barely holding on: "Because I told you, I didn't feel comfortable asking them. I thought it was a dick move to do to the people behind us. I didn't think it would hurt us. I still don't think it's going to hurt us." She looks dissatisfied.

Ian is looking out the cab window. "It looks, uh, very much the same as it did the last time I was here." Teri comments, "You set your mind on what you need to do, and you do it. And for Ian [note: she's not mad at him, so she says 'Eee-an'], that was coming back from a horrible experience -- I mean, he really doesn't talk about it very much -- and going on with his life." That was really cool, the way that comment started out sounding like it was about the race, and wound up being about coming home from a war. No, I'm serious -- that was cool.

Drums pound as Derek and Drew approach Rex Square. They hop out of the cab and walk up to the clue box. Music: "[DUMP-DUMP-bucka-bucka...DUMP-DUMP-bucka-bucka...]" The clue sends them into the Mekong Delta, where they'll look for a route marker at the edge of what Phil calls a "famous floating market" in Cai Be. In their cab, Derek and Drew get on the way.

Ken and Gerard get to the clue box. They offer their cabbie extra money if he can get them where they're going fast. He agrees.

Ian and Teri get to the clue box, get their clue, and go. They are followed by FloZach. From the time they pull up and stop, you can see that Flo is still in a pout over the customs thing. Truly unbelievable. They de-cab and walk to the box, and she petulantly pulls out the clue, making a great display of her unhappiness the entire time. They take the clue and get back in their cab.

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